3 Links I Love: Spirit Goes Back to the Caribbean, Cathay Pacific Shuns a Trend, Flying Air Greeland

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This week’s featured link:
Going Global in Orlando! Spirit Airlines Announces Major International ExpansionSpirit Airlines
Years ago, Spirit poured its efforts into building a Latin/Caribbean network primarily (but not exclusively) focused on Ft Lauderdale. Then for awhile, it really shifted to the domestic network, leaving international growth as an afterthought. Well, turn the jets back on… Orlando is getting a whole ton of new Latin/Caribbean routes. All of these are sub-daily with the exception of Bogota which is apparently a never-ending fountain of demand since both Avianca and JetBlue are already in the market. There were also three domestic routes in there as well, all smaller markets with little competition.

Two for the road:
Why Cathay Pacific Wants to Take On Low-Cost Carriers Without Creating Its OwnSkift
And now, let’s hear from the CEO of Cathay Pacific. I continue to believe the strategy of not starting a low-cost carrier within a carrier is the way to go, but I wonder if that’s really by choice or if it’s simply because of Hong Kong capacity constraints as he mentions in the piece. Still, Cathay is an airline at a crossroads, so these questions have to be asked as it figures out its long-term strategy.

Air Greenland Flight Review: Look Forward to be Entertained!VisitGreenland.com
I get a lot of emails from people trying to pitch me on covering a story, and most of those are garbage. Somehow I get lumped into the “general travel” category, and the things they’re pitching would never remotely be covered on this blog. So when something came in from VisitGreenland last week saying it had “relevant content,” I almost ignored it. I’m glad I didn’t. A trip report from Air Greenland most definitely is relevant, and I want to reward those who truly take the time to consider who gets these blast emails. So here it is. Of course, this trip report was written by people trying to promote Greenland, so you have to keep that in mind. All I know is that I desperately want to see a menu lined with seal fur.

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3 comments on “3 Links I Love: Spirit Goes Back to the Caribbean, Cathay Pacific Shuns a Trend, Flying Air Greeland

  1. Flying to Greenland on Air Greenland sounds intriguing. I may have to add that to my travel bucket list. And you’re right about the seal fur lined menu. I want to see one of those too!

  2. That’s a lot of new flying for Spirit. It would be nice when Airlines announced new service they also announce who is losing service. To me, I’d like to know things like that.

    1. Check out RoutesOnline, as is the source of exactly the info you want to know. They have a post from last Friday that outlines the Spirit cuts that presumably will make room for these.

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