The Cranky Flier Interview: General Manager SAS Americas, Max Knagge

The Cranky Flier Interview

Have you missed the podcast? Well, I’m finally back with a new episode. This time, I’ve put together an interview with Max Knagge, the man who runs the Americas for SAS.

I’ve always had a soft spot for SAS, at least, I’ve had one since I first boarded an SAS DC-10 for my first transatlantic flight at the age of seven. Since that time, SAS has had its ups and downs. It has long struggled with complex labor issues that come from being based in three separate, high-cost countries. It was one of the first to feel the onslaught of Norwegian’s rapid growth. And while it is a member of the Star Alliance, it hasn’t been invited to the joint venture party with any of the big guys.

With that background, I was interested to talk to Max about the airline’s plans for the future. Take a listen below for this 23 minute episode of The Cranky Flier Interview.

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6 comments on “The Cranky Flier Interview: General Manager SAS Americas, Max Knagge

  1. CF – I’d love to know what was said, but I just don’t have time to listen to podcasts. Do you happen to have a transcript that can be read instead ?

  2. You make good point that SAS is largely in the middle being squeezed by JVs on top and the LCCs on the bottom.

    p.s. – yes love to hear more podcast episodes

  3. I’ve looked into the new interiors and long haul flight experience updates on SAS, and they look very nice! But some of their web presence, and especially their livery, looks very dated. I saw one of their jets at Newark recently and I just thought it didn’t look sexy or inviting at all. Not nordic-cool, just staid and boring (and I was on one of those purple WOW beasts at the time). I’ve never booked with them. By contrast, Air France’s winking marketing has me quite excited to fly with them, even on a code share. Am I the only one who thinks that way, or am I just a marketing sucker?

  4. My first transatlantic was also at the age of seven and also on SAS, though I believe it was an A340. Interesting conversation with Max.

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