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Frontier Airlines to start service from BHMBirmingham Business Journal
This was a rather strange discussion, because the reporter knew that Frontier was announcing Birmingham but it was still on embargo and couldn’t tell me that. So, she asked me general questions about what it might mean if Birmingham could attract low fare service under the airport’s new CEO. I told her it likely wouldn’t mean all that much except for low fares in a few targeted markets. Sure enough once I saw Frontier’s filings that night, I hadn’t changed my tune. Frontier is just having 1 daily flight from Birmingham. Three times a week it goes to Denver, twice a week it goes to Orlando, and on the other two days it goes to Philly. The aircraft all arrive in the later evening, so there are limited if any connecting opportunities. This is good for people with flexible schedules in those specifics markets, but it shouldn’t have a bigger impact beyond that.

On a broader basis, I was surprised to see Frontier go into Birmingham at all, even with such limited service. But this was part of a dizzying addition of dozens of new routes. The big winner this time was Austin. Now the question is… who is the big loser, because Frontier never likes to talk about all the routes it drops.

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8 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Frontier’s New Cities

  1. This is typical Frontier “expansion” except that instead of one daily flight to one destination four days a week and a second destination three days a week, this is one destination three days a week, and two other destinations two days a week each. And they’re going out the back door in silence just as fast as they’re coming in the front door with bands and water cannons. This is not a long term plan for healthy growth.

  2. Hey Cranky What’s with SVP Shurz’s statement?  “This (sic) additional 35 routes is (sic) further evidence of Frontier’s commitment to…”  What?Speak and write correct ENGLISH?  Were you quoting Senior Vice President of commercial (sic) for Frontier Airlines?  Another AIRBUS guy?  “What’s the computer doing NOW?  Why’s it doing THAT?”
    Dr Norman L Wherrett Jr

    1. AW – No, Via Air is a little regional operator that tried to get rich on Essential Air Service initially. Now it just goes wherever it can find money to support service. At least, that’s how it looks. Maybe they’re branching out, but there’s no relation to Frontier.

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