Cranky on the Web: Norwegian’s Fast Start at Stewart

International budget flights out of Stewart prove popularHudson Valley One
This story starts out giddy about Norwegian’s July numbers at Stewart Airport north of New York City. “The July numbers augur well for the success of a new international budget air carrier at Stewart Airport outside Newburgh…” But I’m not remotely as optimistic. First, the airline only filled 82.1 percent of seats; that’s not great for mid-summer. But more importantly, any idiot can make money in the middle of the summer flying over the Atlantic. Getting a ton of press upon launch with crazy cheap fares helped too. But now the media is quiet and we’re into the off-peak season when it gets a lot harder to fill those airplanes. If stats look good for January, then let’s talk.

The funny thing is that this isn’t even what I was quoted on in the story. That was more focused around whether airlines would lower fares at NYC airports to prevent people from wanting to hike out to Stewart in the first place. They may not need to bother.

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David SF eastbay

Why is it wondering if people would go out to Stewart from NYC to fly them and not it’s just service to keep people from having yo trek out to JFK or Newark?


“A guy named Bret Snyder, …”, that’s cute ;)


I got it, in your very first line you wrote “giddy”, pun intended on the guy’s name!