3 Links I Love: Dorkfest is Tomorrow, Slamming Boeing, The End of Avatar

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This week’s featured link:
Featured Map for 22 September 2017: Cranky Flier’s Dorkfest 2017Great Circle Mapper
The day is here! Tomorrow is Dorkfest, and that means it’s time to watch some airplanes. Come on by the In-N-Out at LAX from 11am to 1pm and join me along with a bunch of others. Karl from the Great Circle Mapper will be there, and he put together a map highlighting some of the expected widebody arrivals while we’re eating burgers. With any luck we’ll get the airberlin A330 a bit earlier than scheduled, because it might be our last chance….

It sounds like we’ll have a good turnout this year from all the tweets and emails I’ve been receiving. No doubt that’s helped by the NYCAviation and PHX Spotters meetup happening this weekend as well. Some of you will get really lucky as I’ve been sent models by British Airways, Southwest (an Atlantic 737MAX!), and United (a Pacmin 747!!) to give away. See you there.

Two for the road:
Boeing Takes Trade Law Abuse To A Whole New LevelForbes
This is a fascinating article that absolutely hammers Boeing for its accusations against Bombardier alleging illegal trade practices. I can’t say I know much about international trade law, but this does not paint a pretty picture of Boeing’s efforts, to say the least.

DOT dismisses Avatar Airlines’ licencing request ch-aviation
Sorry to end on a sad note, but I’m sure all of you will be extremely upset to hear that DOT has officially decided Avatar is dead. It’s been 3 years since DOT last heard from the airline, so it’s all over. A moment of silence, please.

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15 comments on “3 Links I Love: Dorkfest is Tomorrow, Slamming Boeing, The End of Avatar

  1. Speaking of airberlin, apparently its fate will be determined on Monday. From what I understand, the bids are for airberlin itself and its subsidiary Niki. Given that it seems the bids are more interested in the planes and the landing slots than the airline itself, is it safe to say that no matter what happens on Monday, airberlin’s days are numbered?

    1. MK03 – I would say that’s a safe bet. I don’t think we’ll see airberlin around much longer, though it’s possible bits and pieces could survive depending upon the bids.

  2. Cranky, if you look inside your heart, I’m sure you’ll find that Avatar will never truly die.

  3. No say it isn’t so. No Family/Avatar Airlines! But we’ve waited years to fly 747s between LA and Vegas, and everywhere else in America. The dream has faded, hope is gone.

  4. you won’t see delta buy a boeing product (except 737s previously contracted) in a loooong time…. 20 years from now DL will be 350,330,321,319, 737-900, cs-300, cs-100

    1. If you don’t mind me asking, what type of dental surgery keeps you from flying? I’ve never heard of that kind of restriction for dentistry before!

      1. I had all-on-four dental implant surgery to replace both my upper and lower teeth. Flying can lead to problems with the installation of the upper teeth from the change in air pressure in the sinuses just above the mouth, especially if you have any small holes in the space between your nasal cavity or sinuses and your mouth, which I did (just one, fortunately.) The restriction is only for eight weeks after the surgery, I can fly again starting five days from now…Dorkfest was just one week too early!

    1. I will not be at Dorkfest tomorrow either, maybe next year…

      Life gets in the way…

      Had to cancel my Southwest round trip, DEN to LAX and return, in the same day, total cost: $ 84.

      Hope you can put up some video, and photos of the event.

      Peter, in Boulder, CO.

      ex Continental Airlines, in the good old days, at Stapleton Airport, DEN.

  5. Looking forward to tomorrow, a few interesting things so far….came in last night from DFW on AA 787-9 and used a remote stand, first time for that here, bus stalled on way to terminal, there is a unique site on the south east side, a Fiji Airways A330 and an Ethiopian 787 parked next to each other, Fiji has been here since last night and saw Ethiopian being towed and parked next to Fiji this morning, how many places in the world can you see these 2 airlines sitting next to each other…….not sure when they leave but they are basking in the California sun….lastly, Cathay Pacific being towed to remote parking on the south east side as well, maybe this is used for the morning flight out of here????

  6. I am SHOCKED to hear this about Avatar, the CEO,he promised us! Something tells me that these con artists will show up again with another insane airline idea…hmmm….how about “Clown-Air”? Free balloon animals on board!

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