3 Links I Love: Ryanair Connections are Coming, Good News for Airline Dorks

Links I Love, Ryanair

This week’s featured link:
Ryanair Unveils 2017/18 (Year 4) “Always Getting Better” PlanRyanair
This is starting to sound like a Soviet 5 year plan. Ryanair has its latest improvement plan out, and there are some goodies in here.

This year, Ryanair is going to begin selling connecting flights. Specifically it says it will start with connections on its own aircraft, but it will expand into connecting to other airlines. Also passengers will be automatically checked in. I look forward to hearing more details on all of this.

Two for the road:
Where Do the Largest Airplanes Go to Die?Smithsonian Magazine
I know, another boring article about boneyards, right? But wait, there was something in here. When did Pinal Airpark open to the public?! Sounds like a field trip might be in order.

Proud Bird: Landmark Eatery Re-OpeningNBC4 LA
Mark your calendars boys and girls. The legendary Proud Bird reopens on May 15 after a year-long renovation. I hope they didn’t screw this place up.

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12 comments on “3 Links I Love: Ryanair Connections are Coming, Good News for Airline Dorks

  1. Hurrah for the Proud Bird! My father took me there for the first time in 197x.

    Something tells me it the renovation has screwed up the prices something fierce but I’ll stop in anyway next time in LA.

  2. The Proud Bird sounds like a fun place, but what are animal-style fries? Only a few of the animals I know have the opposable thumbs it takes to make them.

    1. Too bad the opening isn’t until May 15th, This coming Sunday is not only Easter, but it’s also Wilbur Wright’s birthday, and the Proud Bird would be a great place to celebrate. Orville’s B-day is Saturday August 19th.

    2. Miss Informed – Animal style fries at In-N-Out? Think of all the sauce, cheese, etc you get on a bun there, and they put them on the fries. It’s too much for me.

      1. Specifically, it’s the thousand island-like sauce they put on the burgers, cheese,mane chopped grilled onions all on top of fries. Served with a fork.

        It’s funny that when I get them, animal styles fires cost more than my usual burger (a double meat burger — two beef patties and no cheese).

      2. Oh… similar concept to poutine, then, just a bit more animalistic. I get it. We’re culturally deprived out here in the boonies where the State Question is “red or green.”

  3. Boneyards boring? No way! Wish you could tour inside the aircraft. I’ve heard that you can find old magazines from the month of their retirement still in the seat backs. TWA/Northwest…those are collectors items now.

  4. So sad, these airliner boneyards! When I’ve had enough gambling at Laughlin, Nevada, I cross over the Colorado River and take the Arizona highway through the desert country east to Kingman and its boneyard at the local Kingman airport. Kingman recently lost its Great Lakes’ EAS to LAX and DEN service but the boneyard business seems to be growing.

    No public, drive-thru tours that I’m aware of, but you can gawk all-you-want from behind the fences at the various DC-8s, DHL freighters in their bright yellow livery, a deteriorating DC-4, and loads and loads of regionals with AA, DL, and other brandings, etc.

  5. The first time I saw the bone yard in Victorville, I thought what large airport is out here and then realized it was the Boneyard. Funny to see from a distance since you think it really is a large active Airport.

  6. Pinal used to be open to the public in the 80s, there was a parachute jump school there. I watched my friends jump out of a perfectly good airplane, but I was more interested in all the 707’s and DC8’s laying around. I was an airline geek before I worked for the airlines. I still have pics somewhere, there was a 707 I’ve never been able to ID, the airline name was not on the fuselage, but it was all white, with a red nautilus or seashell like that on it. I drive past Pinal all the time, including last Saturday, the only easily identifiable planes from a car going 80 mph past were the Korean and old Northwest 747’s. I’d love to do the tour though!

  7. Also, regarding Pinal and Air America/CIA, I do know that the recently renamed Gila River Memorial Airport (used to be Memorial Airfield) which is across from Firebird Lake was once an Air America mechanic site where they worked on C130’s

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