The Cranky Flier Interview #7: VivaColombia CEO William Shaw

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I know some of you will be really happy to see that the podcast is back! As I mentioned before, it won’t be a regularly-published thing, but when I have a good opportunity to sit with someone interesting, I’m going to put it live. And today, we have an interesting conversation indeed.

I had the chance to talk to William Shaw, CEO of VivaColombia. The airline has been growing quickly, and it’s doing well. It’s morphing into Viva Air with its Peruvian subsidiary starting up shop next month. More are on the way. Have a listen to this somewhat longer than normal podcast (just under half an hour) and see what you think.

Thanks for listening.

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7 comments on “The Cranky Flier Interview #7: VivaColombia CEO William Shaw

  1. I’m thinking you need to do an interview with a Japanese carrier (or with a US carrier about the Japanese market) just to have the excuse to have Godzilla as a sponsor.

  2. I could see an airline like Viva making a huge impact in Argentina and doing pretty well (and heaven knows Aerolineas Argentinas needs some competition), but I strongly suspect that the politics and protectionism in Argentina there would be a challenge. It’s something like a 12 or 15 hour overnight bus ride between Buenos Aires and Iguazu (I’ve done it), and that would be a great leisure market for Viva. Similarly, flights between, Buenos Aires and say, Bariloche (Argentina’s Lake Tahoe) and some of the provincial capitals could probably use some competition.

    I know that it’s a smaller country, but I’m surprised that Mr. Shaw didn’t mention Bolivia. The people and geography are somewhat similar to Peru, and both the roads buses in Bolivia are sketchy and poor quality (I speak from personal experience here).

    1. Kilroy – Argentina’s political situation has changed dramatically with the election of new leadership. I think that’s why it should be a high priority market. As for Bolivia, I’m sure it’s on the list. But that place does have a more challenging political climate, I’d think.

  3. Good stuff. I love how flying an LCC a320 with 180 30 inch pitch seats is considered a status symbol and a luxury. We Americans are a wee bit spoiled.

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