3 Links I Love: BA CEO Interview, American is Airline of the Year, Buy On Board Problems

This week’s featured link:
British Airways CEO Interview: How to Bring a Low-Cost Mindset to a Legacy AirlineSkift
This is a good, long interview with the current CEO of British Airways Alex Cruz. Alex came from Vueling before this, and he’s brought a lot of that mindset to BA. But it’s what he says about pricing that’s most interesting (or frightening, depending upon who you are). His vision is the pricing holy grail: finding the maximum amount each traveler is willing to pay and charge that. And robots will help him get there.

Two for the road:
American Airlines is 2017 ATW Airline of the YearATW
I’m guessing anyone who saw this headline was scratching their heads a little. Is this possible? You can read why ATW thinks it’s deserved in this article. I do think American has done a fantastic job with the merger so far, but I still had to pause when I saw this. (Though I know employees are happy. To celebrate, they each got 2 confirmed tickets to use on the airline.)

British Airways Struggles To Launch Buy-On-Board Food And DrinksForbes
In that BA interview above, Alex talked a bit about selling food and drinks onboard. Apparently the roll-out has been a bit rocky. They’ll figure it out.

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Fascinating interview, Cranky. With Cruz’s glib attitude, it’s no wonder morale at BA seems to be in the toilet. What he said about the future of pricing is interesting, but I can see some big holes in his line of thinking. I know industries like retail and CPG have made some big strides in using predictive analytics to capture customers’ willingness to pay, but the business models are fundamentally different from the airline industry. An airline has to be able to both price to capture a passenger’s willingness to pay and evaluate that value relative to other passengers given the… Read more »


Yeah, I see a lot of reasons why his dream is a pipe dream.

How about they first figure out how much food to stock on their planes (3rd article). That shouldn’t be rocket science.


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