Cranky Flier Podcast #2: Trouble in the Transatlantic Market


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The second podcast has now gone live. This time, instead of Cranky Flier Podcast Logoan interview, I try more of a “chat with a co-host” model about a specific topic. My guest/co-host? That’s Scott Mayerowitz, the airlines reporter for the Associated Press. He’s been promoted and is leaving the airline beat, so I had to grab him before he took off. (You can still follow him on Twitter @GlobeTrotScott.)

This week, we tackle the problems over the Atlantic. There are many issues for the airlines flying across the Pond including growing capacity, shrinking revenues, and new entrants all wreaking havoc. Listen in as Scott breaks down the numbers, and I speculate about the future. What does the A320neo/737MAX mean for this market? Will Middle America see more Europe flying? And are WOW’s days numbered as I believe? Listen in below or download here.

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14 comments on “Cranky Flier Podcast #2: Trouble in the Transatlantic Market

  1. Noooo, don’t like the podcast format! I read these cranky posts (and love them) during boring meetings, etc so can’t just listen to the podcast.

  2. I gave it a try, but any web site using the misleading “direct flight” meaning what we all know it means (but where 98% of travelers think “non-stop”) is not a web site I will use. Horrible And how 1970’s! Sorry.

    [cid:image001.png@01D23421.4BACB2E0] NOTICE: Information contained in this transmission to the named addressee is proprietary information and is subject to attorney-client privilege and work product confidentiality. If the recipient of this transmission is not the named addressee, the recipient should immediately notify the sender and destroy the information transmitted without making any copy or distribution thereof.

  3. I really liked this format and discussion, and would love to listen to more podcasts like this.

    I also liked the questions / summary that you put at the beginning of the post.

    As a question… For those considering a “once in a lifetime” trip to Europe (flying coach), would you suggest booking now, or waiting a bit until the new planes come out?

  4. I enjoyed the podcast and guest. Good pertinent current topic covered.
    Don’t be afraid to go longer. To me, up to 60mins is the sweet spot. Enjoy listening when out and about or exercising. Keep them coming.

  5. Interesting comments on WOW. They have a growing presence in my market so I’d hate to see them fade away,. Technological advances will eventually make the stopover in Iceland unnecessary, although travel to Iceland itself seems to be growing. A friend just visited and really liked it.

  6. Liking the new format, Cranky. I even like the rougher audio – it gives off a unique early-90s punk radio aura. And that’s not being ironic or sarcastic.

    What do you think of the idea of legacy carriers using new generation narrow-bodies akin to how people predict B6 will (or like how legacies already use 757s in the Northeast). Like Scott said, justifying 10+ widebody flights on JFK-LHR might not be possible in a world with Transatlantic LCCs as entrenched as they are domestically, but they can protect their yields and maintain their schedule premiums by reducing average gauge to around 200 instead of 250+.

    It probably wouldn’t be popular with congested airports, but I don’t know of any regulations on either side of the ocean that would prevent this.

    1. Thanks, Itami. Yeah, I think legacies are likely to step things up, especially Delta which is already playing with 757s. It’ll be a bit of the wild west as airlines race to figure out what works.

  7. I’m with Nick – I’m not a “podcast” guy. I also like to read the Cranky posts in meetings… please bring those back…

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