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I always try to put humor into my posts, but sometimes they can get a little serious (and wonky). On occasion, however, humor takes over entirely and I end up cracking myself up as I write. There are some that have stood out to me over time. And I’m not even talking about the April Fools posts which have had many a person curse my name.

Here are my five favorites, in date order.

  • The United Dinner Roll – When my wife found a dinner roll wedged in between her seat and the wall on a United flight, it brought up so many questions. Many remain unanswered to this very day.
  • My Torrid Affair with Jenn – In a very special Across the Aisle interview, I tried to get Alaska’s virtual assistant to be mine. She was being very difficult.
  • Ted’s Dead – When United’s Ted subsidiary was finally given the mercy killing he deserved, I knew I had to memorialize him. After all these years, I still don’t miss him.
  • The JetBlue Snack Box Saga – I was not a fan of the JetBlue snack box plan when it first rolled out, so I was invited to go and taste every single one. For the most part, my opinion didn’t change.
  • As Seattle Turns – The drama between Alaska and Delta deserved a soap opera treatment all its own. I may need to do some more episodes.

So, do you agree? Or am I laughing alone? Anything I missed that you’d add?

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7 comments on “Cranky’s 5 Funniest Posts

  1. The Alaska – Delta post is hilarious! (and the comments too)
    I wasn’t a subscriber back in 2014, so am reading it for the first time today.

  2. The Widget and Eskimo are still having quite a lovers quarrel. Their lounge members can no longer enter each others lounge and there are still routes being added to SEA. So, what will happen next As Seattle Turns?

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