3 Links I Love: Keeping JetBlue Cool, American Talks Revenue, Why People Hate Flying

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Skift CMO Interviews: JetBlue’s Biggest Challenge Is to Keep Being CoolSkift
There was a great interview in Skift this week with JetBlue Chief Marketing Officer Marty St George. If you’ve ever wondered what’s behind JetBlue’s marketing efforts, or the marketing effort of any “cool” company, then you’ll really enjoy this read.

Links I Love

American Airlines Group Inc at the Wolfe Research 9th Annual Global Transportation Conference
I know, listening to an exec talk about revenue to a Wall St crowd sounds boring, but American’s President Scott Kirby is good at it. I always find his take on the revenue situation to be worth hearing.

Why Does Everyone Hate Flying? And Other Questions Only a Pilot Can AnswerFreakonomics Podcast
Patrick Smith has written about flying for a long time (Ask the Pilot). Here he gets to answer questions from the regular folks. I love seeing features like this to get a sense of what people are asking when it comes to this industry.

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5 comments on “3 Links I Love: Keeping JetBlue Cool, American Talks Revenue, Why People Hate Flying

  1. Really enjoyed the B6 CMO article. Curious, what has been announced regarding the transcon expansions he mentioned? I don’t recall seeing much, if anything, along those lines. Thanks!

      1. Good, I vote for IAD until they did a way to run outside perimeter flights at DCA. Probably won’t work though because DCA is where they could easily get that fare premium while IAD has much more competition.

        I still hate Independence Air for chasing B6 out of IAD. Dulles was planned to be their second hub way before the build up at Boston. But then Kerry Skeen decided to vaporize tens of millions of dollars in shareholder value and hundreds of jobs by turning Atlantic Coast from a feeder carrier primarily for UA into a standalone, low fare, gas guzzling regional jet kamikaze mission.

  2. I find it interesting that Kirby and Parker are basically unknown outside of the airline industry. These are 2 very “disruptive” businessmen. Heck, they can pretty much take credit for the consolidation of the USA airline industry. I guess they’re not flamboyant enough to be famous (although those Halloween skits are pretty wild).

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