3 Links I Love: Faster Wifi is Worth a Lawsuit, Bombardier Fights for United, the Big Metal Bird

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This week’s featured link:
American Airlines sues Gogo, may change in-flight Internet serviceFt Worth Star-Telegram
It was big news this week when American announced it was suing Gogo to get out of a contract so it could go with a different internet option onboard 200 of its 737s with the oldest, slowest systems on them. The legal back and forth doesn’t really interest me. What I care about is that American sees value in faster internet and is willing to invest it, just maybe not with Gogo. It’s funny how before it used to be about whether you have internet onboard or not. Now that’s a basic requirement. At this point, speed is what matters.

Links I Love

Two for the road:
Bombardier pursues United Airlines deal for C SeriesThe Globe and Mail
After pulling down a near-order (Letter of Intent, actually) to sell 45 C-Series airplanes with 30 options, Bombardier can take a breath. But not a big one. Now it’s still trying to lock down United. There had been talk about United’s order for 737-700s replacing a potential C-Series order, but no.

Big Metal BirdUnited Airlines
I have no idea how I missed this when it came out, but United did a great job of putting together little couple minute videos about different aspects of the airline. They’re funny, entertaining, and interesting. Great work. (Thanks to Holly Hegeman at PlaneBusiness for this.)

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2 comments on “3 Links I Love: Faster Wifi is Worth a Lawsuit, Bombardier Fights for United, the Big Metal Bird

  1. The Big Metal Bird is hilarious! I love them. They remind me of those Delta Airlines cartoon clips that were hilarious from several years ago. Delta would post them on their blog. I can’t remember what they were titled – anyone else remember what I’m talking about?

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