Cranky on the Web: Holiday Wish List, 2016 Predictions

Bombardier, Schedule Changes

The AirwaysNews Aviation Holiday Wish List for 2016AirwaysNews
I haven’t run Cranky on the Web in a couple of weeks, so this is a bit behind. But AirwaysNews did a holiday wish list, and I was asked for mine. My wish? Stop those damn schedule changes. (It’s not coming true.)
2016 in aviation: Profits, airport upgrades and the longest flight in the
CNN did a look at what’s coming in 2016, and I was quoted about the C-Series, which will finally be delivered this year.

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3 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Holiday Wish List, 2016 Predictions

  1. “southwest rarely makes schedule changes”. This may be true but last summer they cancelled a lot of flights between the LA area and the SF bay area. This forced people to switch flights and has the same effect as schedule changes.

  2. Top 10 Predictions:

    1) The new government of Portugal trys to buy back TAP Portugal, but because of the European Union and the austerity measures they don’t succeed.

    2) American Airlines futher expands in asia from LAX as they look to solidify their “hub” there.

    3) British Airways partners with China Eastern angering Air France-KLM and putting pressure on China Eastern and its relationship with Skyteam.

    4) Aer Lingus rejoins OneWorld and adds more transatlantic routes.

    5) Delta finalizes buying 49% of AeroMexico and essentialy takes it over as it did Virgin Atlantic.

    6) Latam reveals its new livery in the month of February towards the middle of the month.

    7) S7 expands to more international destinations, mostly essential ones to fill the gap by Transaero. This however will probably only be around two destinations because of how troubled the economy is.

    8) VivaCAM starts up and is a success, but faces competition as Avianca trys to squash it.

    9) Malaysia Airlines and Thai Airways financial trouble lessens and Thai might even become slighly profitable. Malaysia Airlines adopts a more Sharia compliant nature to boot out Rayani Air.

    10) United and Delta introduce Premium Economy on their planes to compete with American

    Unrealistic hope: American starts africa Service

    1. I think a BA tie up with Hainan or Sichcuan airlines is more likely than China Eastern. Chengdu presents some interesting possibilities as a hub.

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