Cranky on the Web: Road vs Air, Ontario Goes Its Own Way

LAX - Los Angeles, ONT - Ontario

Holiday travelers may prefer road trip to airline flightTampa Bay Tribune
The holiday stories keep on coming. This time the Tampa paper was looking at whether people will walk away from flights and go to the car instead. I pointed out that for flights under 500 miles, if you have a family it’ll nearly always be cheaper and often easier to drive. But what didn’t get picked up is that low oil prices don’t make that reality. If you have a family, it was probably cheaper to drive even with oil prices well above where they are now.

LA City Council approves Ontario airport agreementInland Valley Daily Bulletin
The city of LA has officially approved the transfer of Ontario Airport back to the region and away from LA World Airports. Now it’s time for the Ontario authority to come up with a plan. I gave my thoughts on that here.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Road vs Air, Ontario Goes Its Own Way

  1. Why does Ontario have to obtained a certificate of operation from the FAA, because it’s a change in ownership?

    1. Yes, each certificated airport has an airport operating certificate that is issued to the owner/operator of the airport. The certificate will be changing from the City of LA/LAWA to the Ontario International Airport Authority.

      There are some document changes that will go along with this as well.

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