Cranky on the Web: The Best Layover Airport, LAX Tips

It’s that time of year where an avalanche of holiday tip articles come out. I was quoted in a couple of them.

What to Do When You’re Stuck in an Airport Over the
Wendy asked me for my favorite US airport to be stuck in. The answer, of course, was none. But if I have to be stuck, I’d like Washington/National. I explained to Wendy why.

The Airport Survival GuideNew York Times
The NYT asked me for tips on navigating LAX. One of them made the article. (The best tip is to avoid the place.)

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9 Responses to Cranky on the Web: The Best Layover Airport, LAX Tips

  1. SDFDuck says:

    Not surprisingly, zero responses for EWR as “favorite airport to get stuck in”.

  2. William Chinn says:

    As pointed out here in other posts, AA also flies out of other terminals. Double check as Term 5 and Bradley have been used by AA flights.

  3. MarylandDavid says:

    I agree with the one who said DTW. It is a great airport.

  4. UnitedFlyer312 says:

    I’m biased, I know, but ORD is not the worst airport to get stuck in. I think there are great amenities in each terminal and good food options. It’s basically home for me, give me Tortas Frontera anytime over the pizza place or BK at DFW (United gates). LGA is pretty awful too post-security.

  5. USBT says:

    If I were going to be stuck at an airport for say 7-8 hours, I’d choose one that I could get out of and do something. An airport with good public transport to the city center.

    So your choice of DCA is a good one. I’d also add SFO, SEA, PDX and many others with a rail link to the city. And that could also include Newark. :-)

  6. southbay flier says:

    Who would ever want to be stuck at LAX? That airport is a miserable hell-hole that needs to be bulldozed and rebuilt.

  7. Doug Swalen says:

    I don’t know. If you’re an out of towner and a plane dork getting stuck at LAX ain’t quite too bad.

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