Cranky on the Web – Philly is Great (for Connections), Change Due to Metrojet Crash

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PHL a top place to make connectionsPhiladelphia Inquirer
OAG did a study looking at the biggest megahubs, and Philly was toward the top of the list. Naturally, the locals wanted to look at this in further detail. I talked about whether a hub is a good or bad thing for a city.

What the Russian jet plane explosion means for the future of travelKPCC AirTalk
Unfortunately, the segment about the Metrojet crash was cut short since an earlier segment on the University of Missouri president’s resignation went long. But we did talk a little bit about what the crash in Egypt means for security. I’m the third person they spoke with, and my answer… not much will be changing yet. You can listen for yourself.

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  1. Maybe if governments stopped bombing other wannabe governments, those wannabe governments would stop attacking vulnerable civilians subject to those original bombing governments. Then, maybe the governments would stop forcing more security theater. Instead, since government failures lead counter-intuitively but inevitably to more government, the cycle of government violence will continue, meaning more bombing leading to more invasive security theater to help prevent the bombed wannabe governments from lashing out further.

  2. Dear Sir,

    please allow me to come in on this topic. Taking innocent passenger’s life away in second by terrorizing them is not a way of finding justice to what one thinks it a prolific decision to make and to come into an agreeable agreement or to settle down the dispute. Doing good to others is what others anticipate to receive. In this way WORLD PEACE TO ALL MANKIND PREVAILS


  3. As an ex PHL resident, the title “Philly is great for connections” shocked me. The airport isn’t built for connections. AA is spread out over many terminals (A-west, A-east, B, C, F), small jets/props in far away F terminal (good luck with the F36 to A26 connection), terminal piers cause push-back congestion during banks, two and a half runways in an airspace where a little bit of rain make the airport screech to a halt, turboprop traffic mixed with jets to slow things down further, and then the famous Philly customer experience.

    I presume PHL is a default hub (through lack of other alternatives) for many small/mid size cities in the northeast. EWR can be worse for congestion, IAD is too far South for European longhaul. JFK has international connections but is limited for domestic network.

    1. There were BWI and PIT, but it’s too late for the former (WN super-fortress hub now) and evidently no interest in the latter. DCA was never meant to be a connecting hub either (re-entering security if you have to switch between piers) but that’s the role it serves now.

  4. As a PHL resident, this post also shocked me we well. Terminal F connections are, by far, the most time-consuming exercise and will result in lots of delays and missed flights. You have to take a shuttle bus to the terminal. As noted by a previous post, even a little bit of rain pushes the entire airport into a default one-runway emergency mode.

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