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U.S. airports lead the world in offering connectionsUSA Today
Despite talk about growing hubs in China and the Middle East, the US is still the king of monster hubs. I was asked if this was good for travelers. It is indeed. And if you’re wondering what the “…” in my quote was, I said “Those living in the hubs have nonstop service to places they wouldn’t otherwise have, though the trade-off can sometimes be high fares for that service.”

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4 comments on “Cranky on the Web – Rise of the Megahub

  1. The US3 have many hubs and have many agreements to control traffic, e.g., transatlantic. The ME3 are building international hubs, an operation very similar to the US3 hubs. The efforts by the US3, especially Delta, to restrict competition from the ME3 and destroy the open skies agreements, is hypocritical. The US3, in my opinion, are a disgrace.

    Message to Delta: I do NOT want to connect in Atlanta.

    1. The efforts by the US3 to restrict competition is a disgrace, but you seem to have no problem with the ME3 treating their workers almost like slaves in order to undercut the US3 on price?

  2. It is a double edged sword in many cases. People would prefer nonstops if there was no significant price difference, but often time there is, and outside of business travelers who must meet a certain schedule, others are far more likely to take the connection. That said it’ll be interesting how the Icelandic carriers with their transatlantic hubs affect transatlantic prices and non stops.

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