Cranky Dorkfest is Just One Month Away

Cranky Dorkfest

Consider this a friendly one-month reminder. Cranky Dorkfest is coming. This year it’s on September 12 from 1030a to 130p.

As always, this will be at the In ‘n Out at LAX. You might expect me to say that I have a big program planned, but I don’t. That’s not how this works. There is no program. Just show up, grab a burger, and hang out in the park across from In ‘n Out watching the airplanes fly by.

It will be a little different this year since runway construction means we won’t see airplanes flying as close as usual. But there will still be plenty to see, and of course, we can all sit around and talk shop for hours.

If you’re flying in, you can always take The Parking Spot’s shuttle to its Sepulveda lot. But they’ve decided to be mean and not allow people to take the shuttle unless they’re members of the club. Join for free here.

I’ll be the one wearing my fancy new Avatar Airlines t-shirt. Hope to see you all there.

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20 comments on “Cranky Dorkfest is Just One Month Away

  1. I will be getting in around 830am on AS and will have a car for the day so if anyone is coming in around the same time to a close by terminal, happy to give you a lift, as long as you don’t mind coming plane spotting for a bit before hand.

    1. I’m on that early flight too. I am trying to meet up with a friend of mine for breakfast, but if that does not materialize and you still have an extra seat, I could use a ride.

      1. One seat has already been taken up by someone, but it depends on what I end up grabbing at the rental lot. I was aiming for a mustang.. but its all up to National

    2. I would love a ride. Getting in at around 07:30 AM from SF on United.
      Doing a same-day turn back to SF at 20:00 Saturday evening.
      Please let me know if you have seats left.

      1. Hi jet

        At the moment the car has filled up, it’s going to come down to what national gives us.

        If I can get something bigger it won’t be a problem.

        May not know till the day.


        1. Malcolm,
          Please let me know how things go. Otherwise, I can probably just get a cab over or something. I’ll check here and you can find me as @jetdillo on Twitter.

  2. I did have hipmunk providing me frequent updates on the fares, but I’ve decided against making the day trip.

    That being said, I’m making affirmative plans to make this next year. Is it on the calendar yet?

    Also, is CrankyConcierge doing any flight following for people visiting this event?

    1. Nick – Nope, not doing any flight monitoring. Though I suppose if there were any special requests I’d be happy to consider.

    1. Bob – Took the kids over today to scope it out. Saw the LH, BA, and AF 380s land on 24L, so it looks like they’re keeping them on the north side. It’ll be some good spotting.

  3. Hey! No matter what I do I cannot stop your awesome emails from going to junk since you switched your format months ago.

    Any tips on fixing this? I miss reading them as I don’t check my junk mail much.

    1. Wind_Danzer – Sorry to hear that. Definitely should be a way to whitelist the email address. Or if you use Gmail you can set up a filter to have it automatically skip spam.

  4. After 3 years in a row attending, Delta decided to cut their late night MSP-DSM flight, so I can’t make the day trip work. Wish I was there!

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