Let’s See How Well You Know Your World Airports

I’m still on vacation, so it seemed like a great time to put another airport quiz up. I will be slower at approving any flagged comments and responding to any emails. I’ll be back as usual on Monday.

In January I put together a quiz to see how many domestic US airports you could identify by terminal silhouette. The feedback was great, so I’ve taken it international. Fair warning: this one is a lot harder.

Below, you’ll find 12 silhouettes of airports around the world. See how many you can get right, and talk about it in the comments.

World Airports

You’ve already tried US airports, but now let’s take on the world. The following 12 outlines depict the terminal buildings at airports outside the US. This is way more challenging, so good luck!

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33 Responses to Let’s See How Well You Know Your World Airports

  1. PH says:

    Hey Cranky,
    Unrelated to this post, but I have just discovered via Google your fascinating three part ‘behind the scenes at Korean Air’ series from 2013, which I have thoroughly enjoyed reading. Only thing is, most of the images in those posts seem to be missing / coming up as dead links. I have really enjoyed the text, but if there’s any way you can make the images come back that would be even better!

  2. JMR says:

    4 out of twelve, not half bad. If there would have been more European airports, I would haven been disappointed in myself, but with many Asian airports, I’m okay :)

  3. ChuckMO says:

    All 12 correct in 3:55. Really had to think about Baghdad.

  4. Luiz says:

    3 in 12, but one was a wild guess. Cranky, in fact Guarulhos new international terminal is #3
    (I’m sitting at it right now). Terminal 4 is the old hangar that serves Azul flights.

  5. Scott says:

    12/12 in 2:40. CDG hieroglyphics made my day!

  6. SDFDuck says:

    7/12… not bad considering I’ve never been to any of those aside from LHR nearly 20 years ago!

  7. Ron says:

    5/12, that’s four I’ve been to plus Dubai (so just 1/8 of the ones I guessed, which is quite low). Too bad CDG was a giveaway — that one I actually recognized in and instant.

  8. James Burke says:

    4/12. Not the best, not the worst. Blew it on LHR…

  9. Ernesto says:

    Hi, your description of GRU in #4 is not fully correct. Terminal 3 is TAM (one world) and T4 is Azul and other domestic (low cost, Passarinho?). Also terminal 3 is actually connected to T1 and 2 by a long walking 2nd floor corridor.

  10. MT says:

    10 out of 12. I’m heading for the grocery store to buy a lotto ticket.

  11. Nick G says:

    9 out of 12 and I owe it primarily to exploring airports and other world wide sites on Google Earth.

  12. Bill Hough says:

    I aced it in 3:58. Guess I have too much time on my hands.

  13. MeanMeosh says:

    4/12. At least I got Mumbai right.

    OT, but I’m having problems with the comment box on both Safari and Firefox for desktop. The wrap function doesn’t appear to be working correctly, as the comment screen goes all the way across and gets partially blocked by the two green banners on the right-hand side.

    • Vickie says:

      I’m having the same problem as well!

      Also 7/12 which is not bad considering I have only been to CDG…what a weird place ( I was in terminal 1 for United) But I have also looked at maps and such online so that’s how I got some of them!

    • TC says:

      I am also having the same problem on IE11. I used my phone to read these comments.

    • Pitythedelta says:

      Me too on chrome for Mac.

  14. A says:

    7 correct in 2:51. Hot damn! Admittedly I only got some based on narrowing down the incorrect ones from you options. Gotta love multiple choice.

  15. Brian says:

    7/12. That’s with guessing at most of them! Thanks for putting this together!

  16. oldiesfan6479 says:

    75% (9 of 12). Time 04:44.

  17. I got six outta twelve.. Not bad for never having been off of the North American Continental Plate.

    Although apparently I went drinking with a bunch of Europeans in Germany over the weekend… Twitter is weird.

  18. Matt B. says:

    8/12. I can’t believe a couple of the ones I missed. I haven’t visited most of them but love looking at airports on Google Earth. It’d be easier for me if I saw a satellite picture instead of an outline. Thanks for putting it together Brett.

  19. Sanjeev M says:

    12/12 in 2:33. Although Baghdad was a complete guess

  20. Chris says:

    6 out of 12 and missed 2 that before doing the quiz I thought were a sure thing (Heathrow and Beijing). Pretty bad after going 12 for 12 in the US airports.

  21. Al B says:

    4/12 in 4:27. Would have taken less time without reading the comments, but then what would be the point? Only knew LHR and CDG for sure (the only two I’ve been to although it’s been 40 and 16 years respectively). Others were lucky guesses.

  22. Doug Swalen says:

    6 out of 12. Would have done better than 50% but that was the WORST drawing of Dubai’s terminals I’ve ever seen. It was the only airport in the group I had actually been to and I still couldn’t recognize it (I don’t count Frankfurt in 1980 as it was too long ago for me to remember its layout).

  23. Antal says:

    Narita has also Terminal 3, a few minutes by feet from terminal 2.

    • CF says:

      Antal – Yeah, sorry about that. I actually put this together a couple months ago before Terminal 3 opened at Narita.

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