Cranky on the Web – JetBlue and Cincinnati, Taking Advantage of the Amtrak Derailment

CVG - Cincinnati, JetBlue

Is the runway finally clearing for JetBlue at CVG?Cincinnati Enquirer
You could probably replace “Cincinnati” with the hopes and dreams of every midwestern airports. But the rumor mill is ramping up over there, and I threw some cold water on it.

How to get to New York while Amtrak is downWashington Post
There are all kinds of rumors out there that the airlines are taking advantage of the suspension of Amtrak service between New York and DC by charging exorbitant fares. Not true. They charge these exorbitant fares every day.

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10 comments on “Cranky on the Web – JetBlue and Cincinnati, Taking Advantage of the Amtrak Derailment

  1. If and when CVG gets another airline that services the NE corridor I hope they’re in it for the long haul. If JetBlue offers one daily round trip a day, I don’t see that as a long-term prospect. Basically it’s putting the little toe in the Delta water to see if they can make money on that route. GE and P&G might have a pressing need for more service to BOS but they already negotiated better rates with DL from what I understand, and DL might throw a bone to them.

    No matter what, CVG is still a small market for origination and DL’s “right sizing” reflects that. Just give me more flights to DET so I can connect from there instead of ATL or LGA

    1. StevefromCVG – I agree completely. Delta is basically cutting back service to include only those markets which can be supported from a business perspective. So Boston is there for now, and that will likely lock up all the desirable traffic. So is it worth it for JetBlue to try to compete for that? Probably not, because the corporates in Cincinnati would still need Delta for other markets. And Delta will not take too kindly to corporates who decide to give business to JetBlue just in Boston while relying on Delta for everything else.

      1. B6 should fly CVG-LGB. That’s an underserved market ever since DL discontinued CVG-SNA. It’s also a large market and might siphon some traffic off from CVG-LAX without going head-to-head.

    2. Steve – I should add that it looks like Delta has 5 daily flights to Detroit now, but that’s going up to 6. So you’re getting your wish.

  2. I wonder if Delta’s offer to accommodate ticketed Amtrak passengers at no charge is a response to the backlash of people thinking the air fares are too expensive and gouging folks?

    1. Nick – Could be. Someone saw the PR opportunity. I’m sure the airline isn’t doing it out of the goodness of its heart.

      1. In my experience, non-peak shuttle flights usually fly pretty empty. It is a good opportunity for DL to combat bad press, fill empty seats, and maybe convert a few people

  3. I did see that jetblue states the response to their Cleveland flights have been much better than expected. n the last few years, Jetblue has added business markets from Boston. Detroit, Philadelphia, and Dallas/Fort Worth come to mind. Cincinnati would certainly fit the bill. They’ve talked about Minneapolis/St. Paul too though.

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