Cranky on the Web: Airline Satisfaction Rises (But Still Low), Dreading Flying, Drawing the Line With Unhappy Clients

Airline customer satisfaction up, but industry ranks lowUSA Today
The AQR may say airlines are slipping, but USA Today wrote about the ACSI which says things are improving. I, of course, don’t like any of these, but I spoke with the author about how I agree that things are improving.

Why has flying become something to be dreaded?Scott Radley Show
I joined Scott Radley on a Canadian radio show to talk about the state of flying today. It’s a 15 minute clip.

In the Trenches: When to Stand Firm With a CustomerSmall Business Center
You’d like to please everyone in business, but it just doesn’t happen. So we have to decide when it’s right to draw the line and say no.

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Next time you’re in Tel Aviv, stop by the Congress Basel shawarma stand — they have a huge sign that reads “here the customer is always at fault.”


CF, Regarding your refunds policy… I’ve never been a business owner, so can’t fully speak as to why you issue refunds. IMHO, as a consumer, it comes down to this: Refunds are an admission that the company knows they let me down, and they feel that if they provide me “proper” service, that I will be a happy and recurring customer. They’re telling me that they’re so confident that they can do that, that they’re willing to eat the cost of the first transaction. The corollary as the owner is that if you really don’t feel you can offer better… Read more »

John Dubpernell

Hi CF I am not sure I understand your this an inside story…?
Enjoy your insight….Thanks JD


Obviously, even with tighter restrictions, a few oddballs will still attempt to take advantage. The decision to refund or to stand firm must be made at a high level and by a principal with ALL the details. If a staff member has goofed up, consider refunding the portion of fees associate with the goof; you have some wiggle room. If, however, there was clearly no error in your staff’s services, do NOT cave in and do NOT provide a refund. As you’ve already noted, the client probably won’t be back no matter what you offer and, with no future business… Read more »


Really interesting roundup here. I’ve had to deal with clients in a lot of different fields and it’s always a case by case basis, I think – of course there are some clients you can give one look at and know they aren’t going to be happy no matter what you do, so you stand firm to them.