Cranky on the Web (November 8 – 14) – Allegiant Complaints, Job Titles

Allegiant, CVG - Cincinnati

Investigation: Allegiant has low prices, high complaintsCincinnati Enquirer
You probably won’t be surprised to know that Allegiant gets a lot of complaints, but since the airline is new in Cincinnati, the local paper dug in to see why that was happening, and I was asked to comment.

In the Trenches: Picking the Right Job TitlesSmall Business Center
Seems kind of silly, but we’ve spent some time thinking about job titles over here. It does matter.

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6 comments on “Cranky on the Web (November 8 – 14) – Allegiant Complaints, Job Titles

  1. People still think all airlines do the same thing so when they fly an airline like Allegiant they are shocked and will tend to bad mouth them. It’s like someone who always drives a Rolls Royce having to drive a Yugo, they aren’t going to like it.

    1. Although, Allegiant has said that someone who buys at their website is much less likely to complain than someone who buys at another website. Allegiant does a descent job of setting expectations when they’re given the chance.

      I wonder if one of the reasons airlines such as Delta have started cutting some online sites out is because they’re more likely to generate complaints than other sites…

  2. “air travel concierge” sounds bland. Yeah its descriptive, but “air travel guardian”, “ontime overseer”, or something seems like it could be a bit more fun..

    1. Nick – Yeah, we thought about trying to make it more fun, but we’ve found that we have people somewhat confused as it is since our service is pretty unique. And air travel concierge seems to be the thing that people understand best.

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