Cranky on the Web (November 3 – 7) – Tips for Holiday Travel, Best Time to Buy, and More


Money Saving Tips for Holiday TravelMomaboard
I did a Google Hangout with Kaamna from Momaboard and Rachita from MakeMyTrip talking about how to save money during holiday travel. The sound quality didn’t turn out all that well, but some of it has been written in the article.

The Ugly Truth About Airline PricesOutside
Outside picked up on my rant against the “buy your tickets on Sunday” proclamation that many media outlets put out there.

In the Trenches: The Challenge of a Subscription ModelSmall Business Center
Last week’s post is ready to go finally. We’re looking at creating a subscription product at Cranky Concierge

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1 comment on “Cranky on the Web (November 3 – 7) – Tips for Holiday Travel, Best Time to Buy, and More

  1. Airline ticket prices are one of those topics that anyone can write a story about and be published somewhere. People will believe anything written right or wrong if it’s what they want to hear.

    I could write a story that the best time to buy a ticket for the lowest fare for this Christmas will be November 17 between 2:15am and 2:45am and all the airline websites would crash by all the idiots who would believe what I wrote.

    Interesting is how these stories never say anymore to call a travel agent who can pull up the fares and tell you the lowest fare and what you have to do to get it (i.e. which airline, days, times, etc) and like you said, it may not be on the prime travel days someone wants to travel, but could be a simple as a day before or after.

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