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If anyone happens to be going to a Stanford class reunion today, then come on by and see me on a travel panel at 930a. We’ll be on the third floor in Encina Hall.

Southwest tries to get back on scheduleMarketplace Morning Report
After my post about Southwest’s terrible on time performance over the last year, I had a chat with Marketplace about what happened. That was, of course, whittled down into a bite size chunk.

In the Trenches: Revisiting Our Core Product
I spent a lot of time thinking about new offerings, but every so often, we need to step back and make sure our core product is still good. (And if you have any thoughts, send them my way.)

There were a couple of media outlets that picked up on my post yesterday disputing that buying a plane ticket on Sunday will save you money. Here’s Mashable and Conde Nast Traveler.

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