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World’s largest passenger plane gets more U.S. routesUSA Today
There are a lot more A380s in the US today than there were just a couple years ago. I was asked my thoughts on why.

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Even though we don’t market Cranky Concierge, it’s worth thinking about how we’ll go about doing it when the time comes.

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9 comments on “Cranky on the Web (October 5 – 10)

  1. More and more A380s are heading to the USA make sense since this country has heavy international traffic and we have two large oceans on either side of us. It is a trek to get here and except for NYC-LON you wouldn’t see many flights a day between any other two long distance points on one carrier, so a 380 can fill the need for some carriers.

  2. Brett, my wife and I are flying to Sydney on a Qantas A380 from DFW the middle of next month. We were originally booked on a 747 via Brisbane. The A380 allows us to fly direct and save time to boot. We’re excited about the trip! Bob

  3. IMO US carriers are shooting themselves in the foot by not investing in the A380. There is a reason Emirates is both the A380’s largest customer and the fastest growing airline in international traffic. If EK can fill a 380 from DXB-JFK, then there is no reason DL can’t. If QF can fill a 380 LAX-SYD then there is no reason UA can’t.

  4. I’ve flown the A380 on both Korean and Air France numerous times. It is a real treat, especially if you are on the upper deck, in a premium cabin. The sense of space is incredible, and it is surprisingly quiet. I can’t understand why NONE of the US carriers never bothered to order a few for their long-haul, high-density routes!? Instead, we still get 25 year old 747’s on Delta (which are perfectly comfortable, but decrepit).

  5. I first flew the A380 on a return flight from Asia on KATL into Atlanta. One problem, with the opening of the new International Terminal, they didn’t think to accommodate a gate to handle the A380. We arrived in the old terminal and had to walk to the new immigration/customs area which was almost a half mile. They need to update the gates in Atlanta to handle an A380.

  6. The only planes to fly long distances in coach are the 767 or A330 and A340. You’re never more than one seat from an aisle or there is only one person to pester you to get to the aisle. Also, less time to load and unload. I would fly an A380 once just to add it to the list of types flown.

  7. My wife and I had our first flight in a 380 in September flying from Manchester to Dubai, then on to Sydney. It was with Emirates and in 10 abreast Economy. The flight was very comfortable and the staff very attentive. It compared more than favourably with our earlier flight with Air New Zealand from Auckland to London via LA. That was in 10 abreast Economy in a 777-300. Boeing can only fit 10 abreast in the 777 fuselage by making the seats and the aisles narrower and the trip (11 hours each stage) was very uncomfortable. Sleep in the aisle seat was impossible with cabin crew and passengers brushing past all through the night. Never again. Boeing makes a big thing about the economics of the 777 with 10 abreast seating but once passengers compare it with a 380 they will vote with their feet.

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