Cranky on the Web (September 21 – October 3)


Some of these are a bit old because I didn’t post last Saturday while I was on vacation. But none of these were time-sensitive.

Airlines go à la carte: Why travellers should get used to baggage fees and more ‘unbundling’Financial Post
Both Air Canada and WestJet recently started charging a first bag fee within Canada so it’s all the news up there. I talked to the reporter a little bit about the history and importance of bag fees.

In the Trenches: Fixing Our WorkflowQuickbooks Small Business Blog
We have finally moved away from using email to coordinate client handling to an external ticketing system. This has been long overdue.

In the Trenches: The Importance of a Non-Working VacationQuickbooks Small Business Blog
You all know I took a vacation last week, and it was great. But what made it great is that I really was able to unplug. Working vacations aren’t the same.

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