2 comments on “Cranky on the Web (February 17 – 21)

  1. You need to come up with things to break the tension that you can email them during the day that would make them laugh. Some funny animated (thank you) greeting e-card or like for Valentines day you could have sent a funny photo of you dressed as cupid doing something goofy. Who doesn’t laugh when the boss does something goofy. Those little laughs can relieve some stress and make a little difference.

  2. Forget about goofy. The boss is there to lead – not act the fool.
    What will work is doing something for people that they will enjoy and is non monetary – people tend to remember these things. Maybe send each person out to dinner with their spouse/partner on the firm or think of something that you know they’d like. Or, if every1 is in the same town, take them out to a nice dinner.

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