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Airline merger will hurt some cardholdersPhiladelphia Inquirer
Apparently the decision to stop allowing Amex Platinum access to US Airways clubs is causing quite a stir with some people crying that the airlines promised it would be a consumer-friendly merger. If people think every single move will be consumer-friendly, they’re crazy.

In the Trenches: Reviewing 2013, Planning for 2014Intuit Small Business Blog
It’s time to look back on 2013 and set up plans for 2014.

Meet American’s Envoy: A Funny Thing About Regional Airline NamesConde Nast Daily Traveler
American Eagle Airlines is changing its name to Envoy. Of course, as a traveler, you’ll never really know or care.

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6 comments on “Cranky on the Web (January 13 – 17)

  1. Mergers definitely create a situation of losers and winners when it comes to alliances and the various card-deals. That said the biggest question for the American/US Airways will continue to be the question about service and the potential loss of service, with the first details coming down of cuts to a variety of small to midsized airports from National as a part of the divestiture. It’ll be interesting to see who will take up those routes, if any.

  2. Envoy is also the name of the US Airways business class product. Is that going away? Otherwise it could get confusing.

  3. If I carried AMEX Platinum (I do not) I’d raise hell with AMEX, not U.S. Airways or Amerikan Airlines.

  4. When American took over TWA they refused to honor my lifetime TWA club card. I have not been on a American Airline flight since. I used my American miles for rental cars.

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