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How to Find the Best Holiday Travel Deals, Flights, and Solutions: Foolproof Tips for Winter TripsConde Nast Traveler – The Perrin Post
Wendy Perrin was kind enough to include me in her holiday tips for the urgent assistance work I do with Cranky Concierge.

In the Trenches: Going for GrantsIntuit Small Business Blog
We are going for a grant from Chase’s Mission Main Street program, and thinking about what we could build with the $250,000 gets me excited. (To be eligible for the final round of the grant, we need 250 votes on the website. You can visit our page here and see other competitors as well. Votes are always appreciated.)

This Hawaiian Resort Has a Different Idea of What It Means to Be a Hawaiian ResortConde Nast Daily Traveler
When I was on Maui, I went to visit the brand new Andaz Resort, the first of its kind. Take a look at this slideshow to see what it’s like.

FAA allowing most electronic device use throughout
More Device Use on U.S. Flights to Be Allowed by End of Year Bloomberg
Airlines get the gadget go-aheadOrange County Register
In all of these articles, I was asked about my thoughts on the electronics ban change below 10,000 feet. I’ll have more on this Monday here on Cranky.

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9 comments on “Cranky on the Web (October 28 – November 1)

  1. I was going to vote for your grant (you had 41 votes at the time) but it said you would have to connect your Facebook and contrary to what the world thinks, not everyone uses Facebook. So no vote from me, but that thought was there.

    1. +1 !
      Would have gladly voted, as I think what you do is great (I’ve twice used your services while traveling in North America), but the Facebook requirement set me back ! Sorry !

  2. The Hawaii resort looked nice but not tacky like hotels/motels in Hawaii used to look like.

    Those semi private rooms with the pool right outside is a big no-no. I can be very loud if you want to sleep and the other people are out making noise in the pool.

    Didn’t care for the counters in the bathroom, looked to easy for small items to fall between the slats.

    1. David – If you saw the way the pool was set up, you wouldn’t feel that way. The big pool area is on the south side of the T. These suites go out on the north side. There is a small adults-only pool across from this little pool, but unless you’re staying in those rooms, you wouldn’t use this pool at all. It’s pretty well done.

  3. Perhaps I’m missing something because I’ven’t been to Hawaii, but is there something wrong with the tap water? If they’re aiming to be environmentally friendly thats the most environmentally friendly source of water, even moreso than the box.

    1. Nick – No, that’s why they hand out reusable water bottles when you arrive. But they can’t force people not to buy bottled water if they want it, so they just make sure if they do, it’s boxed.

  4. Brett – is there a supply/demand reason why, from MDW, WN flies nonstop only to LAX and not to at least one of its greater LA cities (BUR, SNA, ONT)? As a loyal WN flier in Chicago who’s married to someone from greater LA, I’m not particularly familiar with WN’s history with these 3, but I see that both AA and UA flight have nonstops to SNA. Do you think it’s maybe a combination of low business traveler demand for WN between Chicago and these cities, plus the incremental revenue/cost considerations by connecting from MDW to these cities via LAS or PHX?

    To be clear I don’t have a particular beef with LAX, but either BUR or SNA would typically work better for where our family lives.

    1. Joel – I think that Southwest has found that when it comes to its smaller/mid-size cities, shorter haul flights tend to work better. They do have a flight in Midway-Ontario now and they have 3 direct (stop but no change) into Orange County. I don’t have any particular insight into how Southwest decides what to add and what to kill, unfortunately. But I do know that it has shrunk Burbank and Ontario a lot over the last few years.

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