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Three New 787 Routes—And Why You Should CareConde Nast Daily Traveler
After a rough start, the 787 is now being used as it should be – to open up new and interesting routes.

In the Trenches: Building a Business With Less of MeIntuit Small Business Blog
Most people associate me with the Cranky brand, but I’m not the only one doing the work, especially on the concierge side. Concierge clients often won’t deal with me at all, and it’s been tough to get people to understand that.

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7 comments on “Cranky on the Web (September 9 – 13)

  1. Love the Conde Nast article. That’s the ultimate differentiator between the 380 and the 787. One puts more seats on existing runs and the other helps create new nonstop service. The 380 will sell enough so that it doesn’t become the next L1011 but the 787 will prove to be the truly revolutionary aircraft both in terms of technology and, more importantly, changing the landscape of nonstop air service.

  2. Your branding “problem” is interesting to me Brett. While you “are” The Cranky Flier, perhaps it’s time to expand the nature of your travel assistance business to something along the lines of “The Cranky Concierges”, not-so-subtly suggesting there are several associates at your client’s disposal. You wont be diluting the “Cranky” brand you’ve worked so hard to build as it’s implied in the new branding that the employees you’ve added have met your Cranky requirements. Another possibility is “The Cranky Concierge & Associates” but that’s a bit of a mouthful. Still…maybe it’s time to tweak a bit.

  3. I recently inquired of Cranky Concierge about assistance with changing my itinerary an the 2nd half of an international flight which involved three legs; EZE to HOU to EWR to SFO, all on UAL. I’d anticipated hearing from Brett as I have in the past, but Kevin came on board recently and did an incredibly efficient job of fixing what I had spent several hours trying to do, w/o success, with UA by myself. Kudos to Kevin, CC and everyone the staff for doing what I have come to rely on and doing it on a regular basis with exemplary and impeccable service. What an outstanding group of people.

    1. Ooo.. that’s gonna be a fun flight to follow for you!

      Regarding the brand, Brett has been VERY selective over who he brings into the organization, and for good reason. We’re all VERY protective of the brand and helping see this business succeed!

  4. Norwegian said they were flying to LAX and Oakland, not San Francisco.

    Next story on the subject you’ll have to do what the airlines have always done and say ‘San Francisco’s Oakland International Airport’ or ‘San Francisco/Oakland International Airport’ or the rarely ‘Oakland International Airport/San Francisco’

    For years charters have used Oakland but always make sure to toss in San Francisco and use both cities.

  5. Honestly after re-trenching to hubs after many, many years I do believe that the 787 will significantly re-open point to point flying again especially on international routes. Long, thin routes will become profitable once again.

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