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Note: There will be no post on Monday, Memorial Day. I will return to the regular posting schedule on Tuesday.

The Dreamliner returns: 5 things to
One of the many stories talking about the return of the 787. In general, I don’t think people will be concerned. They’re more concerned about the price and schedule than they are the specific aircraft type.

In the Trenches: Working With ConsultantsIntuit Small Business Blog
I’ve never been one to use consultants, but the time may be coming.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web (May 20 – 24)

  1. The Li batteries will not operate on 787s in flight. Will not operate on ground when engines are running. Can only overheat when operating or charging. Absolutely no reason for fear or worry.

  2. The most substantive bit of this: United doesn’t have a regularly scheduled flight 1 (so they have it available to assign to a one-off 787 flight)?!

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