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Delta, LAX - Los Angeles

Delta to add destinations, increase flights at LAXLong Beach Press-Telegram
I was asked for my thoughts on Delta’s latest LA expansion. Seems like a lot of random changes lumped together to look like a strategic move.

In the Trenches: How Big Should We Grow?Intuit Small Business Blog
For many, growth is always considered good, but I’m not sure I agree for our business.

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6 comments on “Cranky on the Web (March 4 – 8)

  1. Seattle, San Jose and Bozeman will be operated by SkyWest, who also operate the same routes for United. Any chance they’ll share aircraft?

    1. Unlikely. SkyWest has been flying out of LAX for both airlines for years, and have served overlapping routes such as LAX-SAN with separate aircraft. In fact, SkyWest now flies LAX-SAN for United, Delta, and American, all with separate aircraft.

  2. I’m somewhat OK with the levels at San Jose. It’s already has a pretty decent Alaska Air flight to LAX. The only difference is that on Skywest, I probably wouldn’t have to take the tunnel from 5 to 6. I find the walk kind of nice after being cooped up in the aircraft.

    1. Agree-it is a hub, it’s not a hub, it is a hub, it’s not a hub! DL was about due to “ramp up” flights-AGAIN! DL seems to run on about a 3 year cycle of adding, then a 3 year cycle of subtracting. And oh yeah-good luck with that BNA flight-AA and SW both have 2 daily non-stops.

      1. There is a better chance Delta’s flights would stick around this time. Main reason is the upcoming AA-US merger. I expect the new AA to go forward with the US Airways strategy which includes dominating its hubs. AA does not dominate LAX, so that hub most likely is downsized, with AA focusing its western US operations in PHX. With a much smaller AA at LAX, there will be an opportunity for Delta to pick up the slack.

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