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Tips for Booking Holiday TravelTravora
This one actually went up awhile ago, but I just got around to posting the link. I’m not writing a couple times a month for the new travel site Travora. Travora was the old Travel Ad Network and it bought TravelMuse and NileGuide. Those will all be phased out and instead the new will be used. My column will be focused more on general types of travel tips.

Airline Food Watch: Order Your Chicken or Pasta Ahead of TimeConde Nast Daily Traveler
American will let you pre-order your meals if you’re sitting in first or business class in the near future.

The Glove Box Interview: Brett Snyder of CrankyFlier.comThe Glove Box Blog
I like these kinds of interviews because they ask questions which I don’t usually get asked. It was fun to think about my travel habits and preferences.

Episode 219 – Max Trescott on the SummitAirplane Geeks
Instead of being a guest on the podcast as I have been in the past, I was a guest host this time. Unfortunately, much of the podcast was about general aviation and that’s not exactly my area of expertise. Still, as always, it’s a fun listen.

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5 comments on “Cranky on the Web (October 15 – 19)

  1. Q5. In your opinion, which country has the best cuisine?

    You will undoubtedly think I?m insane, but I love English food. I know, it?s nuts. But just the old staples of fish and chips and some mushy peas? I love it. It?s sick, isn?t it?

    Yes insane, yes nuts, and yes sick :-)

  2. “If airlines can get the logistics right, they’ll need to board fewer meals on the airplane because they’ll know exactly what each person wants.” — I once flew El-Al from New York to Tel Aviv at the back of a 747 (row 53 or 54), standard beef or chicken choice, and they ran out of chicken just about the time they reached my row (they were serving our section back to front). A fellow passenger who was a frequent traveler on the route told me that they always ran out of chicken at that spot. So I wrote a letter to El-Al, explaining that demand for chicken and beef is not equal, that on a plane as big as a 747 the variation in demand is not that big, and that if they get the proportions right, then a small overstock (which they must do anyway) can get all passengers satisfied. They responded with a nice letter telling me they could not stock the plane with two meals for every passenger, and therefore load it with 50% chicken and 50% beef.

  3. I knew you would be a Bill Bryson fan – “Where the Hell am I Going” reads just like a Bryson book, and it is on my bookshelf next to my Bryson books…

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