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United’s Domestic 787 Schedule, So You Can Fly in a Shiny, New DreamlinerConde Nast Daily Traveler
If you’ve ever wanted to fly the 787, United is making it easy. Here’s how you can do it.

The Airline Rules Every Traveler Needs to KnowConde Nast Daily Traveler
Another week, another blog post that I felt needed to be responded to. Unfortunately, this post has since been pulled down, but the advice is still good.

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5 comments on “Cranky on the Web (September 17 – 21)

  1. Some airline rules are semi-myths. An airline like Spirit may cancel downline flights if you don’t show up for a prior one, but other airlines may not. And if you call an airline to cancel say your outbound, they will reissue your ticket so it may cost you more since it could mean now buying a oneway fare that you quallify for at the moment.

    In the old days they would hold a flight for someone, but now a days when the bus with wings….I mean plane is ready to leave, it leaves…..maybe….lol

  2. Brett, do you know which airlines actually have a “flat tire” rule? Is it an official rule, or just at the discretion of the employee?

  3. I’m also curious as to which airlines have a “flat tire” rule. It seems like most people who are chronically late always have an excuse/long story and it seems unfair, at least to me, that airlines would take pity on passengers who failed to adequately plan ahead. The article was helpful though. I didn’t realize that airlines would cancel all of your flights if you missed the first one.

  4. So what happens if you do get there 15 minutes before your flight? Are you just out of luck? No, not entirely.

    15min? Anything less than 30min and most airlines turn control over to the gate, thus restricting check-in at the ticket counter.

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