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Inflight Entertainment, LAS - Las Vegas

In-Flight Entertainment Check: What You’ll Get on Each AirlineConde Nast Daily Traveler
I did a round-up of domestic inflight entertainment options for Conde Nast.

Why Vegas Flights Might Cost MoreConde Nast Daily Traveler
Vegas opened its brand new $2.4 billion terminal this week, but it doesn’t really need it. Still, somebody has to pay for it . . .

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13 comments on “Cranky on the Web (June 25 – 29)

  1. June 16:
    United (Continental) was $568 RT non stop from EWR, with no decrease in the fare after watching it for almost two months. Paid $330 RT two years ago.
    Wound up on Southwest for $199 each way after dropping from $290 each way.
    Though not nonstop, EWR-PHX-LAS and returning LAS-DEN-EWR, I was able to get the exit rows by being in the “A” group. Conclusion: PHX is a very boring airport!!

    1. This was only for domestic aircraft. But the Delta A330s all have audio/video on demand. The 747s are currently being refurbished with audio/video on demand and they’re about halfway done.

  2. CF – that’s one reason that I think it would be a mistake to allow airports a further increase in the PFC. The airport authorities all seem to have an edifice complex, wanting to build large taj mahal shopping and dining venues with a some gates attached. They seem to be largely run for the construction contractors and labor unions with little regard for what really matters for passengers or the airlines. Las Vegas had plenty of gate capacity for the current service levels, and increasing costs is one way to make sure that service grows more slowly.

    They already built another solution in search of a problem in their rental car center which is located an absurd distance away – southwest of the I-215 freeway, with a poor connection to both the airport and I-15. Only the construction industry and taxi industry could have supported that boondoggle, which also caused increased costs on travelers.

    Since Las Vegas thrives on tourism, it’s surprising that the business leaders allow such traveler-unfriendly decisions.

    1. David – Well, as with most airport projects, it has been in progress for years and years. But the airlines repeatedly tried to get Vegas to reconsider around the 2008 timeframe, I believe. It hadn’t begun building yet, but it was determined to push ahead.

  3. Delta removed the overhead video screens on their MD-90 aircraft. It looks like AVOD could be installed someday as the back of the seats in Y do not have padding on the tops, but not yet.

  4. No rail transit options at LAS and if you rent a car there you have to take a ride over to the consolodated rental facility which adds at least 10 minutes on both ends of the rental process. As far as supershuttles go you run the risk of them making a half dozen stops before you get to your hotel on the strip. The one time we took a cab the driver made a big deal about not getting what would amount to a 30% tip. Unless I’m willing to splurge and be picked up by a hotel limo, I try to avoid LAS.

    1. I can’t think of a single major airport that doesn’t require 5-10 minutes to get from baggage claim to rental car, even when the CONRAC is in the parking garage as it is at DCA.

  5. From your recap of inflight options you missed alot about the United inflight side:
    737-700/800/900: Wi-Fi coming, personal satellite TVs and movies on most
    A319/A320/757-200/767-300/777-200: No Wi-Fi available, overhead video screens on all
    737-500: No Wi-Fi available, no video available
    No regional aircraft have Wi-Fi or video

    You made a fair point it is mixed bag depending on the aircraft, but..
    You missed that all 757-2 have AVOD and in-seat power (these are all the sCO TATL planes)
    You missed that most 767s have AVOD or individual screens looping, and they will all be getting AVOD. That should be done by the end of the year
    You missed that on sCO 777s you get AVOD
    You missed that on sUA 777s you have a mix of AVOD and individual looping screens, with conversions underway to be all AVOD
    You missed the 747 all together!

    United doesn’t give you love does it….

    1. remember that all of these planes do fliy domestic segments, if not many but they do fly them. I am regularly on EWR-MCO/SFO on TATL 757’s

      1. Kevin – You really seem fixated on the idea that I have something against United. I don’t. Delta and American also fly their international fleets on domestic routes occasionally, but I didn’t include those either. Those are rare exceptions to the rule and I left out all international fleets.

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