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A Preview of EVA Air’s New Flat-Bed Business Class SeatsConde Nast Traveler
Here’s a look at some pics of EVA’s new flat beds in business class.

Outrage over $100 carry-on bag feeCNN
I was on CNN to talk about Spirit’s $100 carry on fee, a fee which is so incredibly misunderstood that I’m going to write about it next week. But they made me pull off my glasses (too much glare), and then made some interesting editing choices. Watch it here:

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11 comments on “Cranky on the Web (May 7 – 11)

  1. I agree with you, Brett. Also, unless you are living in pre-1980s Soviet Russia, if you don’t like the fees on Spirit, fly on another airline. You have that right. Oh, yeah, the bag fee on another airline may be only $25, but the ticket costs more. Go figure.

  2. I personally hate bag fees and fees in general…it should all be in the ticket…except first/business etc. Also, I don’t like to admit that I’m wrong, but I think it is a model for other airlines, a positive in my view. But, it’ll show the rest of an industry how not to run an airline with all of the public outcry that it will receive.

  3. So to be clear, the carry-on bag fee for both Spirit and Allegiant ONLY applies when your bag will not fit in the overhead or under the seat in front of you and has to be gate-checked? If the bag does fit, then there is no fee, or does the fee apply to any bag that you bring on board with you? Why would anyone pay this fee in advance if they were expecting to carry the bag on?

    I wonder what the cost difference is these days between shipping your 50 LB bag ahead with UPS or USPS versus bringing it with you on your flight?

    1. No, that’s not it. The fee applies if it doesn’t fit under the seat. In other words, if you have to use the overhead bin, you pay. This is the topic of my post this coming Monday.

    2. jmx, you pay a fee to put your bag in the overhead bin. If you wait until you are ready to board then the new fee will be $100 to use the overhead bin. If you pay the fee ahead of time to use the bin, the the cost is less.

  4. Brett that was such a few seconds, not sure why they even had you on.

    Kate is an idiot as the Feds would never make seats belts a paid option nor emergency oxygen. She must use that as her ‘scare’ speech to get people upset and behind her.

    1. Well, they told me they had me on because they wanted an opinion that doesn’t hate fees. Of course, they talked to me for 10 minutes and then cut it down to nothing.

  5. It’s unfortunate and obvious that CNN edited what you had to say. Looking forward to reading your own (unedited) explanation. While I can understand passengers being outraged at having to pay the fee, I do agree that pricing is the best way to affect traveller behaviour. The benefit of flying discount airlines is the lower flight price; the ‘cost’ is that travellers need to spend extra time reading the rules and understanding them so that they’re not surprised by hidden costs or not reading the rules and getting hit with extra charges.

  6. So, I wonder how much the controversy around things like this help Spirit. They’ve gone with that strategy before.

    Although a bit they left out? Was Spirit the cheapest airline at the last minute for the example flight? For some reason I doubt it.

    1. The example they used was pretty strange. First of all, the base fare was pretty pricey for Spirit, and I’m sure they like that because they wanted it to be “shocking” in some way. Second, they included fees like the seat upgrade, which is like sitting in First Class without the service. That’s a great deal for that.

  7. Its all good, once Family Airlines starts flying their 747’s, we will have jugglers and clowns on the plane to keep us happy!

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