Cranky on the Web (March 12 – 16)

BUR - Burbank, LAX - Los Angeles, LGB - Long Beach, ONT - Ontario

GUEST POST: Yee HAW! Cranky Flier An LA Airports Roundup!!Aviation Queen
The Queen asked for guest posts, and I was happy to oblige. I always like to talk airports with her, so this time, I did a little SoCal round-up.

Bob Hope Airport faces tough timesBurbank Leader
I was asked for my comments on Burbank Airport’s new proposed transportation center.

YOUR MONEY: New route maps at New York-area airportsReuters
A reporter saw my post on winners and losers in the Delta New York LaGuardia slot swap and asked for more details.

What the US Airways–American Airlines Domain Names Really MeanConde Nast Daily Traveler
I love the speculation out there that buying domain names means US Airways/American is a done deal. Not quite. But it does tell us a little about what US Airways is thinking.

In the Trenches: Hiring Locally or Afar?Intuit Small Business Blog
As I look for employees, I find myself looking at long distances for some candidates. That brings up some questions.

Travel Style: Brett Snyder (aka Cranky)JohnnyJet
Johnny is starting to do these short interviews and I was one of the ones lucky enough to be asked about how I travel. There’s one thing in there that might surprise people – I’ve never stepped foot on one very large continent.

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3 comments on “Cranky on the Web (March 12 – 16)

  1. Maybe the BUR parking revenues are down because they have hiked up the cost to park so quickly? My excuse to fly out of BUR used to be the ability to drive and park for cheap, now LAX parking is often cheaper.

  2. Burbank is a good airport for those living over the hill and makes quick flying to Northern California, Las Vegas, Phoenix, etc must easier so why would parking be the reason for a decline? It’s quick and easy to get to so having someone drop you off/pick you up seems easy to do. Even a bus to the airport wouldn’t kill anyone and cost less then parking.

    Even when I lived in the Beverly Hills area, there were times I went over the hill to BUR instead of dealing with LAX for a quick nonstop somewhere.

  3. My company has lot of at home workers, so it’s not a big deal. The people in my department are in different states and time zones and about half a dozen are on the other side of the planet.

    I’ve met some in person, but most of our interaction is via comference calls. What does help is getting a photo of everyone and sharing them. That way people can put a face to the phone voice, even with instant messaging you can see the persons face in your head as you are reading their text.

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