Cranky on the Web (March 5 – 9)


Do babies and first class mix?CNN Out of the Office
I brought the babies in first class debate over to CNN this week, and I used comments from a lot of you to add to the discussion.

Staying Power: In a mobile world airlines and passengers are still keen on kiosksAPEX Magazine
This month I wrote a feature on the future of kiosks. There is a future, but it’s not just about checking you in for flights.

In the Trenches: Considering the Shark TankIntuit Small Business Blog
I love watching Shark Tank on ABC, but it’s not because I wish I could be in the shoes of those small business owners by any stretch.

One-On-One With Brett Snyder, President and “Chief Airline Dork” of Cranky ConciergeExpertFlyer Blog
After my two small city guest posts, ExpertFlyer did an interview with me.

Five tips for getting a better airplane seatCNN On the Go
CNN doubled up with me this week. The second was for their On the Go series (which will apparently run on HLN all weekend). I wrote a companion piece that CNN put up here.

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7 comments on “Cranky on the Web (March 5 – 9)

  1. There’s more babies in first class, then you think, Brett.

    The real issue here is the crying. The annoyance of listening to an infant crying isnt fun for anyone. Some parents are proactive and some arent, they’re oblivious to the fact, crying is disturbing others around them. I cant tell you how many times I’ve suggested a few tricks of the trade. Is your child tired? Have they slept today/are they cranky? <—Ha. Reason being, the BRIGHT LIGHT that comes in from the windows isnt condusive to sleeping. It irritates the infant and they cry. Turn out the lights too. Some infants instantly settle down and rest properly. Some infants are simply bored. Tired of being held. I've made "rattles" for years onboard. Two beverage cups with stir sticks inside, taped together/edge to edge. Instant TOY. Shake, shake, shake.
    I've handed parents, biscoffs, a wafer type cracker. They suck on it. (older infants).
    Some infants will cry no matter what. I've even allowed a MOM to sit inside the lavatory, I gave her a blanket to shield the toilet seat. Her own private room and it helped soundproof the crying.

    My only pet-peeve with infants flying. Parents take infants on RED EYES. OMG. Everyone wants to sleep on red-eyes. Cranky infant? Not a good idea. And, be very careful of colds and ears! And, get a aisle seat!

    1. I’m not. Every so often they ask me to come on and comment as an expert but that’s not a paid position and it has nothing to do with my column. After I went on, they asked me to write a companion piece this time.

  2. I don’t watch network TV so don’t know what Shark Tank is, the only sharks I know are on the Discovery Channel during shark week….lol

    For the continuing baby question, it would be interesting to hear from more inflight crew members on their take of your question. They might actually like babies/kids in first/business over some of the adults who fly.

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