Cranky on the Web (February 5 – 10)

American, Iberia, Spirit

Jetwhine Tries to Out-Cranky the Cranky FlierJetWhine
Rob over at JetWhine had a painful experience dealing with American/Iberia on a codeshare so he gave me a ring to vent. You can listen to the 11:27 podcast over on his website.

New DOT Regulations Could Kill This Annoying Airline FeeConde Nast Daily Traveler
A follow up inspired by the comments in this space last Saturday to my Spirit post. There is one fee I hate, and I’m hoping DOT regulations might kill it off.

“Cranky Flier” Explores Decline in Small City Airline Service – Part 1 of 2Expert Flyer Hot Topics
Expert Flyer invited me to participate in their Hot Topics series – we’re talking about small city airline service and why it’s been going away.

In the Trenches: Back in the SaddleIntuit Small Business Blog
After a break for the baby, I’m back on my Intuit column again. This time, I talk about how things went while I was away.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web (February 5 – 10)

  1. On taxes/fees I think it would have to say exactly what the tax/fee is for. If people are paying it they need to know what the money is used for. On government fees that gives them a change to write their elected officials about it, and for an airline fee it gives them a chance to write the head of the company or head to Facebook and/or Twitter to get a media blast going.

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