Cranky on the Web (December 12 – 16)

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Great new for those who want to follow me on the CNTraveler website. You can now subscribe to an RSS feed of my posts alone.

American Airlines About to Make a lot of People Much HappierConde Nast Daily Traveler
Great news from American this week as it followed in Continental’s footsteps and added “incoming flight” information to its flight status. This is great news.

Delta’s Bag Tracking App: Game Changer?Conde Nast Daily Traveler
Delta has rolled out a nifty little bag tracking app on the iPhone which builds on the website. Tracking your bag like FedEx is awesome.

In the Trenches: How to Treat the MediaIntuit Small Business Blog
We had a blogger use Cranky Concierge for a trip, and that left us thinking about if we should treat him any differently. (We didn’t.)

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web (December 12 – 16)

  1. Nice zinger against Mister Alec “I crave media attention” Baldwin.

    The AA incoming flight info reminded me of my TWA days when I had a supervisor sign and could track aircraft numbers to see the past three day history of an aircraft and the next three days for that aircraft. Anytime I was traveling I always checked the aircraft I was going to be on to see what it was doing. Even if I had a morning flight out, I would check to make sure the aircraft actually came in the night before. That way if I knew there was a problem, I would change my plans before being surprised right before flight time.

  2. What happened to the “good ole days” when the same plane was used all the way through the entire flight? This just confuses passengers thinking they are making a “stop” when they are actually making a “connection.” If a different plane is used for different segments, then the FAA should require a different flight number to be used,

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