Cranky on the Web (November 28 – December 2)

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Air Travel Naughty and Nice List: Point CounterpointConde Nast Daily Traveler
One Daily Traveler blogger wrote about the Consumer Reports Naughty and Nice list. As usual, I had a different view. They’re posted together as a point-counterpoint piece.

In the Trenches: Executing the SwitchIntuit Small Business Blog
We finally switched hosts, and it’s been great.

Peter Greenberg Worldwide RadioPeter Greenberg
I was on Peter Greenberg’s radio show talking about mergers, frequent flier programs, etc. It starts at about the 1:29 mark and goes for 10 minutes. This was taped a few weeks ago and just aired over the last weekend. As you can tell at the end, I disagree with Peter a lot on fees.

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3 comments on “Cranky on the Web (November 28 – December 2)

  1. I just read the article on “Naughty & Nice” selections. I am SO TIRED of Americans expecting total equality without effort on their part. Why on earth shouldn’t those of us who wish to pay for a better experience be allowed to do so? I just took a very pleasant Southwest flight because I could do the early boarding for $10 or $15. I hadn’t flown SW for years because the cattle-call boarding, all those morons sitting in aisle seats blocking the empty seats beside them. Ugh! I’ll probably fly Southwest again, and this is GOOD for Southwest.

    It’s a matter of CHOICE; Americans are free to chose. Here’s an example of my thinking, perhaps people will better understand that travel is a product, just like a vehicle. I can buy an economy car or I can buy a luxury car. It is my choice, depending on what I want to spend. Nobody comes along in their economy car and thinks I should give them my Navigator, do they? Why would they think they should sit in a first class seat that I have paid for when they have chosen a less expensive seat? I realize that thinking everyone is equal is a politically correct outlook that is popular now. But everyone is NOT equal and we are a capitalistic country. If you can’t afford the better stuff, stop complaining.

  2. I wonder if Santa will be reading their Naughty and Nice list.

    How fast some people forget that there was a time when you couldn’t get a seat until you checked in at the gate and they pulled a little sticker off a plane chart and stuck it on your ticket jacket. Well so much for aging myself by saying that…lol

    1. @David, unfortunately I think you did age yourself :)

      I don’t remember ever having a flight without a seat assignment before getting to the gate. For that matter I didn’t even know you used to check yourself in at the gate. Although I do remember the days before 9/11 when anyone could come up to the gate to see people off.

      At least with a plane chart and stickers you don’t have the problem of double booking seats like you do with computer systems :)

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