Long Beach Aviation Friends Meeting Next Wednesday at 630p

LGB - Long Beach

For those who are local here in Southern California, next Wednesday October 12 is the next quarterly meeting for the Long Beach Aviation Friends group. The meeting starts at 630p at AirFlite (3250 Airflite Way, Long Beach, CA 90807). You should come. Seriously. If you read this blog, then you’re a dork like me. Come on out.

For those who aren’t familiar with the group (and that’s probably just about every single one of you), the goals are to inform people of the history of aviation and the Long Beach Airport, to keep people informed on the airport status, and to assist the airport (tour guides, Ambassadors, archivists, volunteers for city fairs, airport open houses, etc.) (You don’t have to be a volunteer just to come to the meetings.)

This meeting will focus on the first transcontinental flight in the US operated by Cal Rodgers on his airplane, the Vin Fiz. It’s the 100th anniversary and there have been a lot of different events to mark it here in Long Beach, the endpoint of his trip. We’ll have Councilwoman and historian Gerrie Schipske come to talk about the flight in detail. It’s actually quite remarkable since he crashed so many times that it was effectively a different airplane by the time he got to California.

This is my first meeting as “Chief Pilot” (or president) of the group, so if you come, be gentle. Even if this particular event doesn’t interest you, please send me any ideas you have for future programs. We’re working on all sorts of ideas for future programs, which are always the second Wednesday in January, April, July, and October.

Dues are only $12 if you’d like to join, but you don’t have to join just to come to check out a meeting. So come on by and say hello.

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4 comments on “Long Beach Aviation Friends Meeting Next Wednesday at 630p

  1. Kudos on having Gerrie Schipske talk – she has involved her residents in making Long Beach a fab place to live and work.

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