Topic of the Week: The New Cranky Jackass Award

Cranky Jackass

This is just way too cool. A reader who asked to be identified as Johosofat had a project in his high school ceramics class to make a slab relief of a mythical creature. He chose the Cranky Jackass. . . .

Cranky Jackass Award

How awesome is that?! I almost gave the award to the union in yesterday’s post, but I think I really need to keep it for something special. After all, it’s now been elevated in stature with this rendering. Let’s see who does something deserving next.

Thanks, Johosofat!

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20 comments on “Topic of the Week: The New Cranky Jackass Award

  1. Nice. Any chance you could get a few of those made and then send them via snail mail to the “lucky” recipients?

    Consumerist sends Golden Poo (literally a gold-colored trinket, shaped like a round pile of poo) to the company that “wins” its award for Worst Company in America each year.

    1. That would be cool, wouldn’t it? I wish I could, but I doubt he can keep using the school kiln to make these things!

    1. Actually I think the award should go to the bullying American public who believe in the sacrosanct nature of a person in uniform. Sorry, Delta was right and the soldiers and public are wrong. They would have been reimbursed for their fees and the rules were spelled out for them very clearly. Sadly people are now using social media as a way to bully companies to give away the farm. I guess that’s the new American way.

      The design is excellent and I do like Bob K’s suggestion of sending little ones via “snail mail” to the recipients.

    2. I’m with Jason H on this. There is just this overwhelming knee-jerk “support our troops” reaction even though this has nothing to do with supporting our troops. The soldiers will be reimbursed for this, completely. I imagine Delta responded this way just to get out of the spotlight, but it will end up costing a fair chunk of change that the military can now just pocket instead.

      It’s not like Delta’s policy of three free bags up to 70 lbs in coach wasn’t already generous. The airline even gives two free bags to active military on personal business.

  2. Wow- Way better than the leaky coffee mugs I’d make in art class.

    Is this being mailed to you for your home office? Or auctioned off for charity! I’ll start the bidding…

  3. Give it to TSA who asked the mother in front of me to remove the 6 months old baby’s shoes. Mother, who understood that the agent doesn’t make the rules, tried to reason to agent that the kid’s shoes are not sues, they are just some leather things. Kid is not walking yet at 6 months of age, therefore doesn’t use or wear shoes.

  4. I nominate Air Canada, who’s fuel surcharge on flights to Europe actually exceeds their fuel costs per seat.

    1. That’s interesting when you think about it. They are paid by the American taxpayers which is where they get their money to pay the bag fees which is paid back to them by the American taxpayers.

      So airlines giving more baggage allowance to active military personel is a savings to the taxpayers.

      1. While part of that maybe true. They (the soldiers) do and give so much more of themselves serving us. Also the government also gives money to DELTA to carry our soldiers. I don’t mean to be all picky on DELTA, but this is stuff that they NEED to transport, and some don’t have that money readily accesible. Plus, I don’t believe it is 100% reimursment. When my family members served it was something by miles flown and some math ratio. But no; not 100%.

        Okay, I’m stepping off my soapbox now.

  5. I think it should go to the Mechanics at United who passed on a nearly 5 dollar an hour pay increase, $3k cash signing bonus, and a return of many of the benefits lost in the bankruptcy. They are whining that they now have to pay 20% in medical, but do not realize they are already paying that because of the bankruptcy. It seems everyone forgot and they think this is a new proposal. (pssst, you have been paying this extra fee now for eight years. hello?) This is mainly the result of major Union battles going on and all the mudslinging done by each. The other Unions were able to convince mechanics that this was a concessionary agreement, although it would have cost the company around $100 million in improvements. Way to go Unions. Thanks for keeping the costs down for us passengers.

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