Cranky on the Web (February 21-25)

BNET, Delta

In the Trenches: Reconsidering My Web HostIntuit Small Business Blog
This one was from last week, but I forgot to include.

Who cares about expiring miles? It’s upgrades that matterCNN Out of the Office
This week’s column was about how Delta’s lack of mileage expiration doesn’t matter for frequent fliers. It’s upgrades that count.

Airlines vs. Airports: United and American Balk at O’Hare ModernizationBNET Headwinds
United and American and in an epic battle with Chicago over the future of O’Hare. This is a tough one to know who is right.

Delta’s New Pitch: Fly Frequently, Get Great Parking at the BallparkBNET Headwinds
Delta is giving elite members access to good parking spots at Braves games. I like this kind of cooperation and I bet we see more.

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  1. Check out They’re a company here in Denver. They host my personal sites and a charity and business site I maintain.

    Always found them reliable and quick to respond when the rare issue arises.

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