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good news, bad news from crankyAnti-Bride
It’s another good news, bad news roundtrip on

Qantas A380: Rolls-Royce Eats Crow, May Replace Dozens of EnginesBNET Headwinds
The problems with Rolls Royce engines on the A380 continue to get worse. It now looks like a lot of engines are going to need to be replaced.

In the Trenches: Dealing with an Unhappy ClientIntuit Small Business Blog
There’s nothing worse than an unhappy client . . . unless it’s actually your fault. Then the key becomes figuring out how to fix the problem.

Boeing 787 Fire Likely to Delay Deliveries — AgainBNET Headwinds
The 787 inflight fire has proven to be a nightmare for Boeing. The test program is grounded and delays up to another year are possible.

Airline Capacity Jumped in October, but It’s Not Sparking a Fare War — YetBNET Headwinds
October capacity was up, but that doesn’t mean we can expect fares to go down.

Why Airlines and Online Travel Agents FightBNET Headwinds
American and Orbitz are fighting – here’s a little background on why airlines and online travel agents fight.

American and Orbitz Fight to the DeathBNET Headwinds
Now it’s time to talk about the actual fight between American and Orbitz.

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8 comments on “Cranky on the Web (November 15-19)

  1. I don’t really fly American, but the UA website is severely limited as well. They could probably turn this Orbitz deal into a “don’t care” situation or at least a much smaller deal if the majors’ websites would simply be capable of what Orbitz seems to edge them on: the capability to book complex, multi-carrier itineraries. Brett, you are familiar with the South American tour I booked this summer. And how much I hate Orbitz customer disservice. Once I found the itinerary I wanted, I tried to book with UA to avoid Orbitz. I could do it neither on the UA website, nor on the phone with a UA agent. Why?

    1. Yes, it’s the complex multi-airline itineraries that just don’t really get offered on airline websites very much. American will actually offer some, probably better than most. But still not great. You would think that the airlines would do a better job of offering multi-airline options, but they don’t.

  2. I still see the value in online agents. Beyond one login and mixing and matching airlines, I don’t fly one airline exclusively and being able to see all of my trips in one place is very valuable.

    Anecdotally, a couple of years I was flying on Delta and my flight got canceled. I used one of their red customer service phones to get rebooked. While I was on hold I called Travelocity on my cell. I was rebooked and on my way before I could speak to a Delta agent. I am not elite on any airline and I have found that the online agent CS treats me better than the CS for the airline I am flying that day.

    1. They’ve fought with the others before. I think it’s just time where AA can start negotiating with Orbitz again. My guess is that the different contracts become changeable at different times.

  3. Just had the pleasure of 8 x Trent900’s over the past 4 days and they seemed pretty good to me. Hope they get this sorted on the other A380’s soon – it’s a phenomenal plane.

  4. Do you think that there is a limit to the size/power of jet engines as we know them now? The Trent 900s (and other such engines) are so complicated and advanced, trying to get that last 1% of power/efficiency/etc.. that maybe they are pushing some sort of limit of power or size? Sort of like the sound barrier for tips of propellers on turboprops, maybe.

    1. This has nothing to do with a limit to size and power. This is a problem that has already been identified and fixes are already in place. Besides, this engine is a lightweight with thrust ratings in the 70,000 lbf to 80,000 lbf range. The GE90 which powers the 777-300ER gives over 115,000 lbf!

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