Who the F*&@ is Vision Airlines?

Who the F*&@ Is

Everybody know what time it is? That’s right kids, it’s time to figure out who the f*&@ Vision Airlines is! You might have heard of the airline in previous incarnations, but things have changed a lot. And since Vision has just announced it’s starting commercial flights from Atlanta to Louisville and has designs on Allegiant-style flying, I thought it would be an appropriate time to dig in.

Vision Airlines Derby

When I arrived in Atlanta last month, I was surprised to see Vision listed on the baggage claim board. See, I hadn’t heard the name in years, and the last time I heard about those guys, they were doing Grand Canyon charters from their base in Vegas. Could this be the same airline? Yep. It is, but it’s doing things differently these days than when it started in 1994.

Most recently, Vision was in the news for something completely different from what you’d expect. It was the airline that carried Russian spies over to Europe for the big spy swap this past summer. Yep, Vision had gotten into the charter game and won that contract. But that’s just one part of a lot of different businesses that Vision has been dipping its toes into. According to the website, here’s what they’ve been working on.

  • Casino Charters to bring desperate gamblers from their homes to casinos.
  • Sports Charters to carry teams and sometimes fans to games.
  • Vacation Charters usually meant to bring pasty white tourists to warm, sunny spots, usually for travel agencies that put packages together.
  • Capacity Substitution for airlines that need a little extra capacity, possibly to augment existing fleets during busy times or to step in for an airplane that’s out of service for a temporary time.
  • Wet Leasing which seems like capacity substitution except for longer periods of time (like a season instead of a week) and probably more integrated with the contractor brand.
  • Bus Travel through its Vision Coach subsidiary.
  • Grand Canyon tours still live on through the Vision Holidays subsidiary.
  • Scheduled Charter service, the newest part of the business.

In other words, it’s an airline with no focus at all but apparently a lot of ideas of things it thinks it could be doing. So to fulfill that dream of doing everything, Vision has a motley fleet. To the best of my knowledge, there are four 767-200s in the fleet, including the seventh off the line which was built for United way back in 1982. There is also one 737-300, three 737-400s, and one 737-800. Most of these seem to have been obtained from lessors after the previous airlines failed, and many were in storage for quite some time. They probably got great rates on these airplanes.

But that’s only part of the story. Vision is also the last airline in the US buzzing around with Dornier 228s and 328s turboprops that I know of (at least in the lower 48). The 228s are primarily for the Grand Canyon business, but the 328 is what’s being used for the first scheduled charter service.

That’s right. Beginning on December 13, the Dornier 328 will go into service twice daily between Louisville and Atlanta. You can book it yourself at visionairlines.com or via the phone at 877-FLY-A-JET. (Yes, it’s hilariously misleading since this route is actually flown by a prop.) Is there a need for this? Well, Delta flies that route nine times a day but nobody else does, so Vision thinks there’s a market for low fare service. One of the airline execs is from Louisville, so he thinks he knows that there’s huge demand for low fare service. He also thinks, according to an interview with Today in the Sky that he can snag corporate customers from companies like UPS and Home Depot.

Meers thinks Vision can siphon of some of those corporate customers since its fares will be lower than what Delta is currently charging.

If he really thinks he can get those guys to send their business away from Delta, he’s got a rude awakening ahead. UPS and Home Depot need Delta for a lot more than just flights to Louisville, and Delta will make that very clear.

I wish I could ask about this and a lot more, but I’m unable to get a call back. I’ve left messages at the airline’s headquarters and have yet to receive a response. I’ve also emailed their contracted PR person Bryan Glazer who said “You can use the news release. I sent an e-mail to my client asking if he’ll speak with you. standby.” I’m still standing by and haven’t heard anything. Glazer, you might recall, was also the spokesperson for Jet America when it failed to launch. I think that in itself explains this quote from him in Today in the Sky.

Unlike other start-ups, Vision Airlines has been in business for 16 years; it is a financially solid company.

Heh, kind of funny. So for now, I have to go with what’s public. But would I really be writing about this airline if it was just content flying from Louisville to Atlanta? Nope. It now has its sights set on a new Allegiant-style business as well.

. . . the carrier expects to announce a “fairly significant” growth plan that will add up to a dozen new cities, with various point-to-point routes among them. Vision does not plan to operate a hub-and-spoke operation focused on connecting passengers.

When pressed on where the carrier might fly, Meeks says “it’s reasonable to assume it will be to typical Florida leisure destinations,” though he didn’t rule out other “underserved” markets in the region.

Wait, is this actually the reincarnation of Jet America under another name? I suppose we’ll find out if we see any flight going to Toledo or Melbourne. I actually think there is an opportunity for more Allegiant or Spirit-style service in this country, but will Vision and its strategy of trying everything on the map be the one that make it work? I doubt it. But if I can get a call back from them, I’ll be happy to let them change my mind.

[Original Photo via Flickr user boboroshi/CC 2.0]

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81 comments on “Who the F*&@ is Vision Airlines?

  1. And keep in mind this airline isn’t based at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, they are actually based at North Las Vegas Airport (VGT), a GA airport northwest of LAS. They have high ambitions but an Allegiant they’ll never be. They have wild ideas of getting the lucrative military charters with their 767’s and now flying niche markets? I have a feeling they’ll go the way of ATA, Air America, Total Air, Leisure Air (US)…

    1. …or Air South, Vanguard, Southeast, Key Air, Private Jet, Tower Air, both Midways, Hooters Air, Branniff II & III, Independence Air, etc etc etc.

      The ramps here are littered with the remains of hopeful upstart airlines. To my knowledge it’s the only market JetBlue pulled out of due to stiff competition.

  2. Oh, how I love an ATL-related Cranky post!

    As you mentioned, Vision has been running ATL-GPT casino charters for a couple of years now. I had a similar “Who the ****…” moment once when I saw a red-belly 737 departing over my head at ATL.

    Vision has moved their corporate HQ to suburban Atlanta. This was quoted in a recent USA Today article…

    “Meers says the company picked the route because it’s a high-fare route on which consumers are clamoring for a lower-fare option.

    “As a native of Louisville, I can tell you how expensive it is to get to Atlanta,” he says to Today in the Sky.”

    Methinks Meers just couldn’t get the company to agree to private jet service to shuttle him back home to Louisville, so this is the next best thing. I imagine he’ll be pretty lonely on these flights…

    I can’t imagine this lasting long at all. But even if it sticks around for a bit, I imagine ATL-SDF is a route that SWA will start soon after they take control of FL…

  3. Thank you for touching on this Cranky…I posted a ‘huh?’ thread on another site when this was announced and received a number of head-scratching responses.
    I also find it amusing that they say the airline division is ‘Atlanta based’ with a Suwanee,GA mailing address….that’s like saying you live in LA when you get your mail in Rancho Cucamonga.

    I am curious to see how and if DL will even respond to this ‘threat’. Yes, there are allot of hyper-competitive NW folks in Deltatown now; and I would love to see those ASA CRJs turn into 757s 12x a day…but the higher ups may choose to sit this one out. It is a given that once the WN/FL deal is done, SDF-ATL (and IND,CMH,PIT,etc) will be linked up in some form (N/S or 1 stop)….so they may choose to save resources for the real fight ahead.

    1. I would be really surprised if Delta responded with any capacity changes. I mean, I’m sure they’ll call UPS and Home Depot and remind them what good partners they are just in case someone thought about switching their flying, but that’s about it.

  4. SDF-ATL on a Doorknob? A Doorknob?

    As for the upcoming destinations? Think Skybust. And BLV–it’ll be a great fit to go along with its “ChiComm cargo hub”!

    1. I remember when I was at the airport working a morning flight from ATL to either SDF or LEX on an ASA ATR-72–certainly the longest leg I saw on that aircraft during my time there. It was blocked out at a little over two hours and was also one of the few flights I regularly boarded with zero revenue passengers.

      1. Is there even a need for DL to have 9 flights between the two cities? Looking at tomorrow, there is only one flight sold out and one getting close ATL-SDF and a couple of close ones SDF-ATL, and those are timed for international connections. So that must be one market DL flys aircraft all day just to keep others out of the market and the fares high. After all $310.00 round trip fare with a 21 day advance purchase for a market that is about the same miles apart as LAX and SFO where you can go r/t for $98 with a 7 day advance purchase is nothing more then DL robbing the passengers who fly SDF-ATL.

        1. Well tomorrow is a Wednesday in mid-October. Its not exactly primetime for travel. I can’t imagine that Delta overserves this market simply to keep others out. Haven’t we had a conversation like this on a previous thread? It all sounds vaguely familiar.

          Also, who says that Delta is robbing passengers? Delta is pricing it to make as much money as it can on the route. If the competitive landscape changes, then so does that equation. But considering where things are today, it seems perfectly rational.

  5. CF, thanks for this post. I have seen Vision 737s at Atlanta and have wondered “what the heck?” myself.

    Who/what is the money behind Vision Airlines? It sounds more like someone’s playtoy, rather than a corporation with a business plan.

    Still, we in Metro Atlanta welcome Vision’s HQ. We still haven’t recovered from the loss of Transmeridian’s HQ jobs some years ago. LOL!

    In any event, I think I will take a ride up to Louisville one day in the near future on a DL DC-9-50 and ride back on a Vision Dornier 328.

    Enjoy it while it lasts, folks!

    1. I don’t know anything about who backs Vision, but since the company has been around so long, the expansion could simply be funded internally through cash generation. I just don’t know, though I suppose this would have to be reported to the feds. Might be time to go take a look.

  6. Funny how people are always running down Delta and not some one is trying to step in to a market that people complain about high fares and the DL monoply and you run it down.

    With that said, they will need to push that they have been in business all these years and to mention their jets and charters so locals will know they are not some new start up airline. If they can have low fares and good service that will be a plus. Some of you think that only corporate American flys by air and all the peons of the world take the bus. I agree you will not get UPS or Home Depot switching to Vision, but smaller company’s and leisure travelers may have no problem flying them.

    DL can easily match their fares, and they will out number Visions flight schedule, but who will be the easier carrier to use out of ATL, the airline with two flights a day or the one with hundreds?

    The airline business was built on carriers like Vision who (I won’t say it…ok I will) who had a Vision and started small service here and there. Be open minded and give them a chance.

    And why can’t they become another Allegiant? Allegiant didn’t start life as Allegiant, but under another name with some scheduled service out of Fresno (FAT), California. So anything is possible.

    1. “but who will be the easier carrier to use out of ATL, the airline with two flights a day or the one with hundreds?”

      The one with hundreds. Easier to check in, more employees around to help
      if things go wrong, backup planes if there is a problem, etc.

    2. Anyone can be another Allegiant, but I have my doubts when there isn’t a single focus. Yes, Allegiant started as something else, but now it has its model down to a science. Vision seems to be trying to do a lot of different things.

  7. I’m really disappointed, as I thought they were flying the 762-ERs on the Grand Canyon tours. This is really going to affect my future vacationing decision now, as it was either that or the Lourve.

    1. They tried but those in the middle of the 2-5-2 configuration balked. Well that and there was the incident of the passenger in the middle seat who tried to use a pickax to make himself a window in the floor of the plane.

  8. @David SF – I can think of two reasons why they can’t become another Allegiant. First off, we already have Allegiant. I’m not sure we need two niche carriers like this…there are only so many Allegiant-esque destinations that need less-than-daiily connections to small cities.

    And if there is room for another Allegiant-like carrier, the problem I have with Vision is that it has no business focus…as Cranky points out, it has its fingers in a lot of different pies, with a motley, mismatched fleet. And their first scheduled route – or at least first in this incarnation, didn’t they used to fly Visalia to Las Vegas? – is going up against the world’s largest airline* into its largest hub, with dreams of attracting business fliers.

    * – Before any fanboys correct me, Delta is still the world’s largest airline. United Continental Holdings is the world’s largest airline holding company, but it’s still two airlines and will be for a while. Besides, it would be just as insane to challenge the world’s second largest airline in the same way.

    1. Agreed. The problem with the Southwest/JetBlue model is that it only works for Southwest and JetBlue. The spectacular failure of SkyBus and the quieter one of Southeast point to this.

      Even better example up in Canada, which has a smaller population but is so huge that air travel is essential. Nobody likes Air Canada, but by gum, they took over almost the entire domestic market. WestJet brought a Southwest model to Canada and it’s done terrifically well. Harmony tried a similar model and collapsed within 5 years. Canada 3000 did something similar to what Vision is doing–transition from a charter to a scheduled carrier–and was gone in a year (though the massive acquisitions it tried to pull off mere months before 9/11 didn’t help).

  9. I know a carrier who did contract work for Vision in Vegas and snuck their planes out in the dead of night because they (Vision) were so corrupt.

    1. That’s just the crap we see on every blog in the internet. Claims that we are corrupt, immoral, spies, rendition aircraft, etc.. etc… If we are these things that our competitors claim, then please explain how the hell we do business every day. We do business under the same guidelines, requirements and certifications as all the other carriers. We are not corrupt Anne, contrary to the ridiculous rumors people like you love to spread. I can assure you that no carrier did contract work for us and more specifically, no carrier had to “sneak” our aircraft out at night. That is an offensive and ridiculous statement. As for having our fingers in “too many pies,” there are serveral distinct divisions in this airline. Our “motely” fleet (as the inept writer called it) serves specific divisions and are not all are used under the same company.

    2. Anne: I think the “carrier” that you are acquainted with has lied to you. We have NEVER had any carrier do contract work for us. You are misinformed and misguided by belief in rumors.

      And just to make a point about how ridiculous you sound, think about your statement. Who are they supposedly hiding airplanes from? The FAA? The public? Do you think nobody would see that giant VISION on the tail? DUMAZ

  10. This Smells like another ACA/Independence Air type of mess. Atlantic Coast was a great regional airline working for its bigger buddies,, and they decided to go rogue and go on their own merry way and expand to 50 cities and buy a bunch of planes. How did that work out for them?

    1. I don’t see the correlation at all. ACA flew for United, didn’t like the contract and went out on its own with all those airplanes. Vision is doing any such thing. It’s just a new line of business that it’s introducing.

    2. There was a great regional airline working for its bigger buddies, that once built itself up from a few small prop planes, and became a threat to Delta in the CVG area…and then it was sold to Delta….and now, look how that worked out for them!
      There is room out there for low fare carriers, especially in ATL. I can’t wait to see the Canyon Blue airplanes taxing at ATL! (SWA)
      Give Vision a chance, they can succeed if they plan correctly and grow. They have grown and profited so far.

  11. Vision also tried a North Las Vegas-based scheduled operation a while back. I remember Carlsbad, CA and Mesa, AZ as destinations, there might have been others. This also used the Do328.

  12. Vision got their scheduled authority back in 2009 and really haven’t used it. Vision has a maintenance & crew base in SDF with some decent amount of business out of ATL, so the SDF-ATL legs seem to be a natural fit if they’re really doing that many charters from ATL (they probably make the charter customer pay for the repositioning leg).

    The Dornier 328s are great props, but not sure how they’ll fare against the DL fleet on this route. Best of luck.

  13. Your prediction of doom and gloom for Vision Airlines may or may not have merit. To acquait them to JetAmerica is foolish. The owner has serious government contracts. Look at the company’s D&B.

    Oddly, you poke fun at their PR guy. You failed to mention, as you did last year, the guy worked with Virgin and JetBlue. That gives him some serious credentials.

    Sometimes you start flaring at the nose…I think it’s only because you are POd that you didn’t get a call back. How often does America Airlines call you back.

    Grow-up a little. Stop being so emotional,

    1. I wasn’t comparing the entire airline to Jet America, I was specifically referring to the low fare Florida operation that appears to be coming sometime this fall. Of course, we don’t have a clue about what that will look like, so it’s only pure random speculation at this point with nothing to back it up.

      Look, if they don’t want to call me back, that’s their own problem, not mine. I’ll write my post no matter what, and if they want to have a say in it, then that’s up to them. They’ve clearly chosen not to (though I would love to write a follow up if they’d get in touch). I know that if I were starting an airline, I would talk to anyone who would listen just to get my name out there.

      As for American, I’d say they get back to me about 50% of the time and that makes them the worst of the bunch. Guys like US Airways, Delta, Southwest, and United always respond, though I’m not sure what that has to do with anything. My opinion about airlines has nothing to do with whether they talk to me or not. I have my own opinions about each issue, but if airlines want to talk, they have the ability to influence my opinion. If not, then, well, they don’t.

    1. That wasn’t a nice thing you say, and it’s Bretts blog so he can write what he likes. I found it interesting and it seems other did also, even if to agree and disagree with each other.

  14. I’ve heard their Florida operation will be one or two 737s based out of MIA running the 2x or 3x weekly flights to destinations up north. I haven’t heard the routes they have choosen yet, just the airport I am at didn’t make the final cut. If they want to be the next Allegiant, they will really need a lot of back end support to get the hotels, cars, etc. for vacation packages. We shall see….

  15. The Dornier 328s are great props, but not sure how they’ll fare against the DL fleet on this route. Best of luck.

    I believe that the majority of their 328’s are the jet version…

    1. Haters and jealousy. Not much more than that. I am curious however, how many of these negative comments will become positive when we prove them wrong. I doubt a single one (takes a man to stand up for what he says) and the original blog author most likely will never revisit the subject with an apology to Vision Airlines. For the record, we do fly the Dornier 328 jet version, and our customer service number is appropriate for such.

  16. I searched for this airline and comments after someone told me there was a new airline flying in & out of Tunica, MS. I was kind of anxious to find out more. Im currently a 10+ yrs FA for a major airline and was hoping to be able to inform friends and family about a low fare, safe, consistant & up & coming airline they could rely on. It sounded exciting at first but after reading these MOSTLY negative and discouraging posts im thinking its not worth the hassle. First of all-american I cant find a flt schedule. And nothing says Tunica but old advertisements. In 5yrs if Vision is still arnd and has a better reputation, we’ll revisit.

    1. With english skills like yours, you will likely not need to worry about Vision being around as much as you being unemployed.

    1. Sorry “girl”, my feelings are far from hurt. What is bugging me is that people seem to forget that many of the airlines, (Major as you put it), started out somewhere. Your ignorance of the fact that many of these are failing is astounding. This small airline has grown at a rate greater than these “majors” and has real sustainability. They have a sound record and contrary to the opinions of the many uninformed you read on the internet, this company will succeed. Just do Vision a favor, don’t apply when your butt is on the unemployment line because the “major” you work for went under.

  17. Uh oooh Gone Mister!!!!!
    U r really passionate abt this huh??
    Well ill give u this and leave u and Vision alone. I hope you two pull through because it seems u have nothing else to do. I noticed you were posting back in Oct when this post began. And u r right, all companies began smwhr..so good luck. Only thing is…this isnt th beginning for u according to wht I have read. Heresay tho. I have no knowledge concerning ur business. If u werent in auto attack mode, u wld have read tht. But anywho.. Good luck. Seems “My Major” is whooping eveyone’s butt rt now. One day bob.. Many many many years frm now, maybe Vision can be MENTIONED among some known airlines and you all will get notice that way. I know abt 10 ppl tht wld love to take a flt out of Tunica, MS. Heck, maybe they’ll even try tht ATL-SDF run. I truly am rooting for u. When my retirement comes arnd, i probably will need employment . See again u were right! :) Jst think… I was jst searching for one thing whn I stumbled across this old blog and im walking away w/ a friend. A rude, ready to fire, chip on his shoulder, sensitive friend. Anyway have a safe wknd. Enjoyed it.Im turning it over to the nxt unsuspecting person. Load up!

    1. I’m rude? What do you call yourself after the first post you made? Sweet and friendly? I rarely choose to get into a battle of the brains with an unarmed person, but you make it so easy.

  18. Sounds like some people are forgeting that Vision has been around for a long time as a charter company and not just some airline who just started up yesterday.

    They wouldn’t be starting scheduled service if they didn’t think they had a chance of making it work and I would think ‘tweek’ it if need be.

    And speaking of charter, a tour company in Florida announced today they will fly from Orlando in July/August to two cities in Brazil for the summer tourist season. Want to guess who they chartered to operate the flights? If you guessed a Vision Airlines 767, you would be right.

    So give them a chance, it’s not like the ‘majors’ have been doing it right all these years from day one.

    1. David, agreed. That is all I was trying to say. Give it a chance. This airline is creating jobs in little hubs all over the east and south coast. The people they are bringing in with the introductory prices have money and they are spending it in these areas. Not such a bad thing considering how dry our economy is. While they are making a hit with those prices, larger airlines are taking note and the upside is that this little company may help to bring some ticket prices down for travelers.

  19. I just flew Vision for the first time today and it definitely will be the last time. An unpleasant crew, a dirty plane, and one of the roughest landings I have ever experienced (in almost perfect weather nonetheless) were just some of the pleasantries enjoyed on this trip. I do not expect Vision to be around very much longer with this type of offering.

  20. I must say that Vision is the WORST airline I have tried to do business with. We arrived at the airport in Little Rock 1 hour and 15 minutes early because according to them ” you MUST be there early”. At the ticket counter we had an unusual encounter that felt more like a hold up. We were told if we didn’t pay an additional $21.00 we would not receive our boarding pass. They could not tell us why the charge just we HAD to pay it. That was actually the best experience of the whole situation. After a 5 hour delay we were told by staff “we don’t want to be here either” and also “that is real mature” when we told them we were going to complain to customer service. The story goes on and on but bottom line we lost $500 on tickets that are marketed to be $39. We will do everything we can to let people know NOT to use Vision Airline.

  21. OMG Corey & Cem Sam, u shld both call or channel Bob in. He’s th person to contact concerning problems or better yet compliments for Vision. LaughingOutLoud literally!!!! Wait for it…..


    A friend booked me tickets on Vision Air out of Fort Lauderdale to the Breeders Cup in Louisville, KY. My flight out of Fort Lauderdale was delayed two hours because they had not scheduled a flight crew!!! My flight home was a living nightmare! I arrived at the airport to find out this flight was also delayed!! It was scheduled to leave at 9:30 AM and there was NO PLANE!! It was delayed until 1100 PM! OVER 14 HOURS LATER!! I was stranded in KY and they gave me a ten dollar coupon for food in the airport!! Several people on the flight missed cruise line reservations!!!! BUT THATS NOT ALL!! The plane was not there at 1100 PM! It was LATE again!! We didnt leave until after midnight! On top of all that the planes are old and dirty! They didnt even have DRINKS to serve of any kind on either flight! I was told they ran out of ice!! It was horrible and the crew was at a loss for words!!! I am not and although they provide NO numbers to contact anyone to complain I will find a way to be heard. I absolutely think that someone should shut this airline down before they crash a plane!!!

  23. I wish someone would ride this airline out of town (VPS) with all the broken promises. If Vision is the 2nd place finish prize to SWA that we wanted, then I will take a zero! Vision has cancelled all of the flights they started with here except for 2! That means all other airlines serving VPS flight more than they do….so pack your shit up and get out of town…EPIC FAIL!

    1. The flights were cancelled due to broken promises from airports and lack of filled seats. You think they should fly empty? Not a business person are you? It might interest you to know that Vision brought in over 175,000 tourists spending money in your town. I hardly call that epic fail. But if the population in your area is as illiterate and uneducated as you appear to be, then I can understand why you have the opinion you do.

      1. Robert, your comment is uncalled for and probably one of the rudest damn things I’ve seen on this blog in a long time.

        I used to live in Kentucky, and while I’ll agree with you on average the people aren’t as smart as say Seattle (where I live now), they’re educated and literate.

        While I’m at it, I’ll address your comment “You think they should fly empty?” Yes. Yes. I do. If they’ve got a flight scheduled they should operate it as long as there is one person on it. The only time I think it would be valid to completely cancel a flight is if its whole leg for the day is literally empty. People want airlines to be reliable, and that means doing what you’ve said you’ll do.

        Now continuing to schedule a flight that is unprofitable, thats a bad idea.

        1. Rude? I’m rude when idiots swear on this thread at people? Illiterate referred to the post I was responding to. Flying empty eventually makes an airline stop flying a route. Do you people just read anything they want into something a person writes? I am appalled at the level of stupidity and lack of education in this country. Companies change routes all the time and cut back. Do you think we are the first? Are we not allowed to test market and make proper adjustment to services? Since when should a company take a loss to continue producing a product or service? Good God people, leave it alone already! You have your opinions and without a doubt no matter what Vision does, you will always be there to slam it for everything.

          1. I’m tempted to get into a back and forth with you Robert, but I have other things to do.

            You’re clearly here only to defend your airline. Which I haven’t flown, because they don’t service a market I need to go to.

            The truth is somewhere in the middle of what both sides are saying, but clearly you’re not willing to entertain what someone else sees as the truth and consider it.

  24. Ppl..Robert is Bob! Read back. Any1 having a poor experience with this used to be company will be attacked. The problem is Bob! Noone will hav great reviews because the doggone piece of crap airline dsnt deliver. Anything! Forget ur age old stats, look at the posts. And Nicholas is absolutely correct. Reliable airlines DO operate with no pax because the return flt is expected to bring ppl back. We get it tho, all ppl are uneducated unless theyr routing for….whats ur company’s name again?

    1. Your constant babble and the babble of Nichola the self subscribed “gay computer geek” are utter nonsense. Ignorant people like you call names and point fingers when you are the ones that start the b.s. I am only responding to why the company is leaving the area. As for age old stats… those stats were posted 01/23/12. Again, nonsense babble from the uneducated. Good luck with that major of yours, going to need it with that ugly attitude and chip on your shoulders.

  25. Mr. Barnard: that may be the policy, but I too am reading this and you attacked him. If I were Robert, I would probably had done the same.

    I worked for that airline and can tell you by personal experience that many of you have it wrong. I too moved onto other things, but the people I worked for and with were the best. I am still friends with a few of them, most FA’s, but the company was dealt a hit with a bad economy and tried to mark out a niche to avoid laying the employees off. No it didn’t pan out completely, but do all of you on this thread think that calling them “shit”, “crap airline”, “stupid” etc., is appropriate? The owners tried to save their employees and tried to create additional jobs. How about some thanks for that or appreciation that they tried? The fact is, they did transport a whole lot of people to an area starving for tourist dollars.

    I hope they do well and their employees continue to have jobs. The airline I am now working for would throw me and every other employee under the bus to save a buck. I wish I had never left Vision Airlines. The hours were bad, but it paid way better and I had a company that cared about me. Lay offs are just around the corner for us and after 16 years in this business, I am getting the hell out of it.

    1. Lilly,
      Thank you for your classy comment. I agree I did attack him for being rude, but I didn’t attack him for who he was, as he did to me. (Re: “Good luck with that major of yours, going to need it with that ugly attitude and chip on your shoulders.”)

      As someone who has lived in Kentucky, there are good people there who don’t deserve to be stereotyped as illiterate and dumb.

      I know the service industry is rough, and people will complain much faster than they’ll compliment, which is what I think we’re seeing here.

      My kudos to the management and owners of Vision airline for trying to grow their company, I know from experience that ain’t easy.

  26. Lilly I respect ur attempt to smooth things over but defending Bob isn’t necessary. Of u really paid attn to the thread up wld c tht he courses off at any1 with a negative comment abt Vision. My first post was as positive and bland as cld b. And look at how he barked at Nic. His rudeness isss uncalled for. This is a business and I think everyone can appreciate an airline trying bit out utter disrespect for people who purchase tickets and trust them to do jst wht they advertised is where people hav a problem. Is this ridiculous? Pls read back to whr i posted as Kis10 and continue to Bob’s response. If rude isn’t thr, i’ll shut up. I think i will anyway. Few in support of Vision can understand the issue at hand. Or was.

  27. Just want to know if this airlines is safe and will get you to Atlanta from Louisville. I can afford a 2 hour delay, but not much more than that. Please speak up.

  28. I just finished a round trip to Freeport, Grand Bahmas and it was HoRrIbLE! We flew out of Richmond, VA on what was to be a direct flight leaving at 1:35pm and landing in Free port around 3:45pm. I arrived at Richmond airport at 11am to be told flight was on six hour delay due to mechanical problem.

    Well plane took off SEVEN hours late and ten minutes before takeoff we were told it was no longer a direct flight and we were stopping in Raleigh to drop off some people and pick up others. That led to another hour delay. We left Raleigh at 10:22pm. We arrive over Free port about midnight, now over eight hours late.

    We circle awhile and we noted plane began to head back out to sea! Pilot came on and said we could not land because airport was closed and we were now flying to Fort Lauderdale and would figure out what to do from there.

    Well we landed in Fort Lauderdale and pilot came on and said airport was open but lights were off and he did not have enough fuel to wait for them to turn lights on. That’s odd…he had enough fuel to fly to Florida and then strand us on the tarmac with the engines running for 2 1/2 hours waiting to get fuel!

    We left Fort Laudedale about 3:30am…about 12 hours after we were supposed to have landed in Free port after a 90 minute direct flight. We landed about 4am and went through Bahamian immigration who told me Vision FaILEd to communicate their schedule change and that the airport was not closed! Something is not adding up!

    I have called Vision three times to talk about this and they REFUSE to let me talk to anyone. They give me an email of custservice@visionairlines.com to write to I did and they refused to compensate any passengers for the loss of a days vacation and the money we paid for a hotel room for Monday night as we were being held captive by Vision for about eight hours.

    Before you waste money with Vision please read the articles online about their bad service and business problems. Several other airlines fly into Free port and I bet they care about their customers.

  29. How in the world can you guys call youself an airline when you don’t have a plane to carry your passengers back to Columbus. The cranky lady at the desk started to get huffy with me when I tried to check in and announced that Vision had to ‘rent’ an airplane to get their passengers back. In order to be on time for the original departure, I had a $60 cab ride to get to the airlines on time. Now I’m stuck. I’m in North Myrtle Beach and going back to the hotel is not an optio. Their web site wasn’t even updated until after I got to the airport. Can’t get a bording pass and if I want something to eat, I guess I’ll have to get a cab. I sure this cheapskate airlines will not reimburse me–NOT. They’ll probably charge me for their inconvenience. What a cappy airline.

  30. This is the worst airline and or business I have ever dealt with. They need to shut the doors and stop angering and disappointing people. The majority of the Myrtle Beach flights (in or out) have issues, delays or cancellations. Wreaking havoc on custumers plans and schedules with nothing but a half behind apology!! Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time trying to fly with these people.

  31. by Jimmy ? Sun, 08/26/2012 12:18 AM1 out of 5
    Search AirfaresFlight Route
    Cleveland CLE – Myrtle Beach MYR» Read other reviews on Cleveland-Myrtle Beach route
    In June,we booked two round trip flights on Vision Air from Cleveland to Myrtle Beach. We did this on line through Expedia and paid with a credit card. About three weeks ago Vision left us a message on our answering machine saying that the flights had been cancelled. Sometimes, the answering machine inadvertanly erases messages due to thunder storms. If this would have happened, In September , we would have been at the Cleveland airport without a flight. Vision never made any attempt to contact us directly to be sure we were informed of the cancellation. Just a brief message on the answering machine. I contacted Vision for a refund and was told that we had booked through Expedia, Expedia would be responsible for the refund. I then called Expedia and was told it was Vision Air who must refund the money since it was Vision who cancelled the flights. After a few weeks of going back & forth between Expedia & Vision, I contacted the “Consumer Protection” department at the Georgia Governor’s office. They were very receptive to my complaint and asked me to furnish their office with copies of all my records. They can be reached at 404-651- 8600 I contacted them because Vision Airway’s corperate offices are located in Georgia.

    Recommended: No
    Value for Money:No
    Customer Service:Very Poor
    Cabin:Economy Class

  32. Do a Google search for Vision Airlines and you’ll get a long list of pending legal actions being taken against them. As a former employee, I have been tempted to (and have good reason to) sue them myself, but I know I would never see a dime. They don’t pay their bills, and I’ve never worked with a more corrupt group of people. The vast majority of their money comes from “classified” government contracts. I don’t know if any of it is actually classified, or if they just told us all that to keep it quiet, and free from oversight. We weren’t allowed to ask any questions, and those who did, were promptly fired. I hope to God they go under. Sure, I’m disgruntled, but for good reason. I witnessed so much corruption, it’s disgusting.

    1. You are an idiot. You have absolutely no idea what you talking about. Working there hardly qualifies you to make such outlandish and accusatory remarks. Go screw yourself loser

  33. All you wanna be airline owners don’t have a clue.

    Vision has been In business really since 1989 when the original three partners were
    Flying two 402’s to the grand canyon. They built the inline from that. I know, I almost threw in with them back then. If you people are also smart where is our airline? Your all a bunch go %%^{%|%%{^{^’s

    1. Bill: Do you own and operate an airline? Can you speak from the experience of mortgaging your home, your life and everything in between to build a dream? Sometimes things don’t always come out perfect like you seem to think as do most of the misinformed on this thread. If you own your own business, you might have a clue what it takes. Sacrifice, dedication, blood sweat and tears are just the beginning pal. Everything in aviation is so over regulated that it is next to impossible to earn a dollar and in the meantime, you have every worm crawling from every hole on the earth to sue you for anything they can get. Few of those suits have merit and the media only reports ONE side. Our side has yet to be heard on many of these issues. You would crap yourself if you knew the whole truth and you would be writing apologies to Vision personally. All is not as it may seem. I pray to God that the all truth comes spilling out soon and the country knows what our own employees (pilots and crews who were paid DOUBLE of what any employee in this industry makes) really did and how they attempted blackmail, extortion and outright theft all for greed.

        1. I would absolutely LOVE to tell it all to you. However, since a couple of cases are ongoing, I am prohibited from being able to spill it all. I am not entirely sure I would share it with you cranky, it seems your cynicism and outright hatred for all things Vision would only slant your view to the truth. I am certain justice will prevail in the end, and your words will taste bitter upon your tongue.

          1. Renee – I find it surprising that you can’t say a single thing about what’s happening. Everything is covered under a lawsuit and can’t be discussed? Ok, well you know where to find me when you want to start talking. And I would suggest that if you really want to get your story out, you probably can’t afford to be too picky about who you talk to. Not many people are going to care.

            I should also correct you. I have no “hatred for all things Vision.” I hate dumb business plans. It looks like your management has the same feeling now, because all of the flying that I criticized is long gone. It looks like all that’s left from the scheduled operation is casino charters to Biloxi. I see nothing wrong with what Vision is operating today.

  34. Well, it looks like we can stick a fork in Vision as they’re done. Website doesn’t even work. As CF pointed out, it was a bad biz plan from the outset. I wouldn’t disagree with Renee’s points about the extreme difficulties of the industry, but the fact remains that success can be had with the right plan and execution.

    FWIW, I flew one roundtrip on Vision sfb-sdf, and it was a pleasant experience at a great price. I should have known that the airline couldn’t make it when I saw it had some young, attractive flight attendants. Never forget takeoff out of sfb on the 737 classic: there couldn’t have been over 20 pax on the plane (and I seriously doubt much cargo) and the pilots had quite some fun ascending out of sfb like a rocket ship! It was exhilarating! Of course, none of this bodes well for business.

    As a Kentuckian now living in FL, I am sad Vision couldn’t make it (though absolutely unsurprised). Good thing there’s still G4.

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