Cranky on the Web (September 7 – 10)


It was a week full of guest posts on BNET as well.

The Good Side of Fees: Paying for ConvenienceBNET Headwinds
Evan Konwiser wrote a guest post on the good side of fees.

Better Flight Status Information Isn’t Worth the ExpenseBNET Headwinds
An anonymous guest-poster who used to put together flight status information argues why it’s not worth the expense of having better info.

How to Boost Airport Revenues After a Summer SlowdownBNET Headwinds
Laura Jackson argues for airports to get creative to keep revenues up.

Registered Traveler Programs Return, but They Still Don’t Look Like Viable BusinessesBNET Headwinds
Benet Wilson guest posts about the uphill battle the relaunched registered traveler programs face.

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1 comment on “Cranky on the Web (September 7 – 10)

  1. Re: Evan’s post on fees

    You know what? I happen to agree with him. For about 4 years, I used to be an elite with Northwest. One of the best perks (to me) wasn’t the free upgrades, but the ability to reserve a bulkhead or emergency row seat at time of booking. At 6’1″, that’s no small perk. While I flew on NW, I took for international flights in coach that were quite comfortable because of those bulkhead seats.

    When I lost my elite status, that was the biggest perk that I missed. These days, when I travel on longer flights (transcons and international) I now look first at airlines who will let me pay a few more $ for some extra leg room. I think UA even sells E+ access for something like $300 annually, and that includes a companion.

    Re: Benet’s post on clear lines. I think she’s right. I can’t imagine being a clear traveler on top of an elite traveler. I’m curious how much elite passengers travels outside of his/her primary alliance.

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