Today is the Official Launch of My Book and You Can Win a Copy


Today is the official launch of my book, “Where the Hell Am I Going?” (What makes it official? ’cause I said so.) It’s now up for sale on Amazon (with the search inside feature, for those who want to read a sample) and on Kindle. I’m surprised to see places already offering used copies as well. Sounds shady to me. Since it’s the official launch, I figured I should take the advice of one of the Where the Hell Am I Goingcommenters on my last post and give an opportunity to win a copy of the book. If you’re game, keep reading.

For those who didn’t see my previous post, this book is a combination of a couple of things. It’s a travelogue about my three-week odyssey driving around the US shortly after a) getting married and b) getting laid off. As you can imagine, sitting on the road for that long gives one a lot of time to think. So the travelogue is combined with me searching through memories and trying to figure out, uh, where the hell I was going (figuratively, not literally – I’m awesome with navigation, usually). If you’re worried that it’s going to be a sappy, boring book, you clearly don’t read this blog often. It’s got my usual snark in there, and I’ve received some great feedback from people who have read it.

The list price is a mere $14.99, but those wacky book people at Amazon are selling it for $10.79. That’s a mere 4 cents per page. Can’t do better than that on a per page cost! (Ok, maybe you can if you hoard those free pamphlets in Vegas that tell you to get over your gambling addiction, but whatever.) The Kindle edition is only $9.99 and you get “free delivery” via Amazon Whispernet. Sounds like people who used to name airplanes (Whisperjet) have found a home at Amazon.

Whisperjet vs Whispernet

Is $10 just way too much for your budget? That sucks. But don’t worry, there’s hope. I’m looking for the five best reasons as to why I should give you a free copy. It’s easy to buy and it’s pretty cheap, so you’ll need to get creative on this one. You can post your reason in the comment section below (make sure you use the email you’d like to be contacted on if you win) or you can email it in to The deadline for submission is one week from today. Yep, you have until Thursday, July 22 at 12 noon Pacific Daylight Time. Winners will be posted on Friday, July 23.

If you can’t stand suspense and just want to buy a copy, you know where to go.

Buy “Where the Hell am I Going?” From Amazon
Buy “Where the Hell am I Going?” For Kindle

[Original photos via Flickr user wbaiv and Flickr user Matt Mordfin]

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54 comments on “Today is the Official Launch of My Book and You Can Win a Copy

  1. love the eastern “whisperjet” reference… had forgotten about that but it certainly takes me back to childhood when i probably saw the decal and thought it stood for something both technologically amazing and super cool!

  2. I want to learn the secret of snarkiness! The world needs more constructive criticism. (If only the FAA knew that …other than imposing fines :)

  3. 1. I’m 13.
    2. I have no income.
    3. I’ve read you blog everyday since I was 11.
    4. I like the book.
    5. I’m terrible coming with this things, but hey, I tried.

      1. Go young airline dorks!! I’m 17 myself (See my posted comment above) and been reading the blog for 2 years!

        Nice to know that other young people are interested in Cranky. Thanks Cranky for your awesomeness and snarkiness!

    1. Thought of another reason: I click on a lot of ads to give you the (small) revenue they provide… I’ve clicked on enough, though, to pay off that 10 dollars, and a lot more.
      PS. Are the books signed? ;)

    2. Thought of another reason: I click on a lot of ads to give you the (small) revenue they provide… I’ve clicked on enough, though, to pay off that 10 dollars, and a lot more.
      PS. Are the books signed? ;)

  4. I believe that we need a font to indicate sarcasm, similar to the italics or bold font. This would give the reader a clear inference to your more subtle commentary. As a reader who “hears” the voice of the author in my head, this new font, would offer me the joy of your incredulousness, vitriol, mockery and irony, that I can now only imagine.
    I’m looking forward to pouring over the book. Congratulations for taking the same tired sightseeing paths and reintroducing them through “droll-colored” glasses. I hope that the book is a wild success! Who’s going to play you in the movie?

  5. Why should I get a free copy?

    because I just quit my job and sold all of my stuff to travel the world for a year

  6. I need a free copy of your book because:

    I am going to change the world with it. And by that, I mean that I would like to prop your book under my globe to stop it from tilting.

  7. I would love to have a free copy so that I may bring it with me to the airport. I plan to wear a pilot’s uniform and sit down to read the book in a highly visible area of the boarding gate. Ideally, when passengers walk by and see the title of the book, they will have a minor anxiety attack. Top that off with extra thick glasses and a copy of The Idiot’s Guide to Flying and Gliding and I’m pretty sure I could clear out a terminal.

  8. I want a free book because:

    I’m a miserable, gumpy, poor excuse for a human being and I’m too damned cheap to lay out any money for it. At least I’m honest.

  9. I want a free book (version 2) because:

    I’m a two tour Vietnam veteran, a former postal worker, and I know where you live.

  10. I bought the book on Kindle, could not put it down. Bottom line I loved it and wish I had time to do what Brett did but would end up getting divorced and fired if I did

  11. I have a 6-week old girl whom I’m told I should be reading to (despite her inability to read, understand english, hold a consistent job, or even focus her eyes for prolonged periods of time. This book would be a great tool to educate her on geographic adventures around our great sphere, in hopes of getting her into prep school at the age of 7 and riding her coattails of success by becoming an overbearing stage father.

  12. 1. I’m Jewish = cheap…cheaper than $10

    2. If you don’t give it away free, i’ll just download it from some pirate site and that wouldn’t be as much fun as receiving a genuine free copy.

  13. I would like a free copy of the book because I just found you and your site, and I think I deserve a bit of “beginner’s luck” in my old age…I could probably scrape up the 10 bucks if I try, but just spent $18 on how to use Facebook to make money with my business – so am a bit short on funds right now. If I don’t win, guess I’ll just have to wait to make my millions on Facebook and then go to Amazon…I’m sure they’ll roll out the usual red carpet for me…Ca-Ching!

    Good luck to you!

  14. Hey Cranky,

    I’d love to read your book. Here’s why:
    Like your book, I’m also easy to buy and I’m pretty cheap.

    MKG from KMCO

  15. You should give me a free copy because I just purchased a copy on Amazon. I can’t stand to loan my books out to anybody (they break the spines and such), so if you give me a free copy, I would be happy to conveniently leave it laying around in an airport of your choice with a BookCrossing sticker to spread the gospel of the CrankyFlier.

  16. Since I am stuck near a small airport with big prices and have a wife who likes to travel but can’t take the time to research for the cheapest price, I have no money left to buy the book. But if I get a free copy and lock my wife in a room until she reads it, I will have money from deals she will have learned how to get to be able to buy your next book.

  17. I want to take my free copy of your book on my upcoming “around the world” tour as a passenger on the world’s best airlines which i will contract the Cranky Concierge to orchestrate. Once airborne with the volume, I will garner signatures of best wishes to you from members of every cockpit and cabin crew I can manage and on my return, give it back to you as a keepsake since I am now convinced that next to you, I am in the minor league of airline “aficionados.” More than anyone, Brett, you have given me a sense of belonging to a special group of people who possess an innate passion for aircraft types, seat configurations, aerial views, liveries, flight schedules, menus, perks, airport maps, upgrade options, and a myriad other details of the business and pleasure of flying. Congratulations on your new book!

  18. Hey Brett,
    Awesome job! I figure if I can afford a website and marketing, I can afford $10 to buy what sounds like a terrific book. I love your style, and I’ve recommended your blog to my own readers. It’ll be off to Amazon for me – I say send the freebies to the youngsters! :)
    Thanks for all you do,

  19. Reasons I should get one:

    – I love Axelsarkis too but I actually read your whole post and realize there are 4 other copies to be given away, so I should get one for persistence.
    – And if I get one, I promise to buy Axelsarkis his first legal drink when he’s 21
    – And lastly, I promised the hot flight attendant on my flight last night that I could get her an autographed copy of your book and my social life now depends on this. (OK, maybe this one isn’t true because if it was, you can bet I’d have spent the $10 right then and there.)

  20. Bret, I can’t wait to read your book. I plan to purchase it tonight on my Kindle application for my iPad. I love my iPad.

    Travelogues are one of my favorite book genres, especially ones that are humorous. Bill Bryson is one of my favorite authors and my favorite book of his is The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America. It is very funny.

    P.S. I too always think of the old Eastern Whisperjets whenever I open my Kindle application and see the “with Whispersync” remark. Once an airline geek, always an airline geek.

  21. In an effort to declutter my life, I never hold on to books after I read them. I am mainly a library person at the moment, but when it comes to travelling, I always read a book, leave a book. So you know after I read your book it will get left somewhere for someone else to pick up, passing it on (instead of collecting dust on a shelf!)

  22. Why should you send me a copy? I’m flying ORD-LGA-ORD-LGA-ORD-LGA-ORD-SFO-SYD-LAX-ORD-BNA-IAD-SFO-SYD-MEL-SYD-LAX-SFO-ORD-SEA over 11 days and it’s all your fault. :<)

    That's nearly 50k BIS miles. So I think that it's only fair that you give me something to read.

  23. I am not a Kindle guy (my household has had two Sony Readers for years and thanks to the magic of DRM there is vendor lock-in…). But I might get the Kindle version and try out the Kindle app on my assorted iPxxx devices.

    Don’t want the free book, give it to someone more deserving. ;)

  24. so you should give me a free copy because i live in Australia. I mean i cant get access to half of the stuff you talk about, but i still love reading your blog and im sure your book will be just as fantastic.

    but the reason really is cause im sure the shipping will cost 3-4 times what the book will cost. So take pity on a poor australian (o and i dont have a kindle so cant have that version :(

  25. Simply put, I would like to win a copy because I take all of my excess money (that is, money that goes beyond paying the basic bills) and use that excess money as a volunteer missionary with a children’s relief organization in Romania. I gave up my vacation each year to do this mission work. The $10 for your book will clothe a Romanian child for 6 months or feed a child for 2 weeks.

  26. I´ve been reading your blog for a while, but that is not very likely to set me apart. Since I still would really like to have that book, here´s my five reasons:

    For starters, I will try to draw on my (1) hard, hard life as a suffering grad student in transportation engineering (Yup. PhD. Not an MBA. I´m an idealist) with an office that has windows making me enviously watch the planes departing from ZRH´s rwy 28.

    Then, there is also (2) my passion for aviation that started when I was three years old and sick and my parents took me to an airport restaurant to cheer me up (I bet they regret that by now).

    I heard that (3) even grad school will be over at some point, so I may well wonder where the hell I´ll go at some point as well.

    Add to that that (4) my office is otherwise filled with railway fanatics who declare me one of the reasons humanity will ultimately go under because I prefer a flight (or, more often, a sequence thereof that is sometimes not the utmost direct way) to a day long train ride (I´m talking e.g. ZRH-London here, not ZRH-GVA).

    Also, (5) if I ever get volcanoed again, I would have something to read while wondering where, and, in fact, when and how, the hell I will be going. At the same time people would know about my situation by looking at the book covering my face while I sleep on some airport bench and if I get fixed up with a way out by CrankyConcierge I could be all “I just talked to the guy who wrote this book and he got me a flight”

    And if this is not enough I will probably ultimately end up buying the book anyways, but I assume so would most of who post here.

  27. If you provide me with a free copy of your book, I will reciprocate the favor and send you a free copy of the tome I am currently working on —

    The 10 Most Important Alumni of The George Washington University:

    J. Edgar Hoover
    J. William Fulbright
    Red Auerbach
    John Foster Dulles
    Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onnasis
    L. Ron Hubbard (never graduated)
    Brett Snyder (aka “The Cranky Flier”)
    Ina Rosenberg Garten (aka “The Barefoot Contessa”)
    Alec Baldwin
    Chuck Todd

  28. Because this would be a great read while getting repeatedly bumped off a bunch of flights while collecting airline gold in the form of free travel vouchers!

    (But only after Axelsarkis and Hermann (hey that’s cool, another Transportation Engineer grad airline geek) get theirs first.)

  29. I subscribe/read your column everyday, yours is my “Dream Job” ! I’m looking forward to getting the book…. free or otherwise :-)

  30. 1. Until I can afford to pay my late fees at library can’t borrow a single book
    2. Love to travel but no money
    3. I am unemployed with a passport
    4. My unemployment benefits just ran out
    5. The books sounds like blast

  31. For 32 years driving bus I have been told where to go everyday and sometimes by my passengers.. Now I want to go on a road trip and sure think this would make good reading as I am doing my own “Where the Hell am I going”because I am also a “cranky flier”. Remember that “retired folk” have to watch their pennies so I would really appreciate a free copy.

  32. I really need this book because I fly blank-blank Airways for work a lot and it will keep me from going insane when our plane is leaving late, and no one will tell us when and I’m going to miss my connection, and your book will keep me from going INSANE. I need some snark and a giggle.

  33. It’s coincidental that your book comes out now.

    I lost my job at the end of 2008 and have been out of work since. Unemployment insurance payments have come to an end.

    I’ve done road trips before but as simple vacations from work (1-3 weeks) and have often thought how great it would be to just get behind the wheel and go without any time constraints or schedule, just stopping and going as the mood strikes. not watching the clock nor the calendar.

    Well, I’ve decided to do it and am currently packing up my life here and going to hit the road for parts unknown.

    I’m now rereading Kerouac’s ‘On The Road” and can’t think of a better read to follow it up with than your book.

    Whether I win a copy or don’t, best of luck to you with it!

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