State of DIA Panel Discussion – Watch the Video

DEN - Denver

It took awhile, but as promised I’ve got the panel discussion at the State of DIA 2010 posted for your viewing pleasure. If you live in or fly through Denver, you’ll probably be interested here. It’s just over 42 minutes of dorkiness that may put half of you to sleep. But hey, I had a great time up there alongside Brent McBratney from Airbus and futurist David Houle.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, that’s actually Gregg Moss from local station KUSA moderating and not Kelsey Grammer. I did a double take on that myself. If you make it all the way through, leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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10 comments on “State of DIA Panel Discussion – Watch the Video

  1. What a swanky affair! I had no idea you’d have such a crowd as that and that everyone would be dressed to the nines!

  2. First Of all. Good job Brett. Secondly, on the issue of three hubs. For the sake of Denver’s airport, it would be better to have Southwest leave. If their downward pressure on fares is lost, then United and Frontier will be able to better profit from their hubs; thereby keeping two competitors in Denver. But if Southwest stays, passengers may be left with just them, resulting in jacked up fares with only one competitor,…

  3. Brett: You are a great writer. However, you’re much more impressive as a writer than you are off-the-cuff speaker. if you want your business to grow, I encourage you to always arm yourself in advance of public speaking appearances with some very solid data and relevant anecdotes to establish your credibility. Mr Houle was beautifully prepared. You could learn a lot from his example. CJTaylor

    1. I’m always up for constructive criticism, but this is a bit too general. Where specifically would you like to have seen things been done differently?

  4. Your delivery could have been much more energized with less hesitancy and “filler.” .. Did you know what questions were going to be asked of you before you arrived? I remember many things which the futurist said..I remember his name. His comments and insights were provocative, especially his statements about the evolution of an idea from resistance to acceptance, his story about the IRS and TSA, his specific comments about an airport being ready to face the globe, His distinctions about the modernity of airports in Uruguay and Munich and their differences from twentieth century airports. i cannot remember a single point you or the AirBus guy made.. except when i think about it, that Pittsburgh airport was a shopping mall that fizzled….and that story itself fizzled.. I tuned in hoping to find the vibrancy or your writing in your presentation. It clearly wasn’t there. I am only commenting because you asked for comments. Next time I recommend your having something memorable and compelling to share which people will NOT forget. I am a retired teacher who did this sort of criticism for a few decades. i like your work and your knowledge and your focus and your whole story and your business plan, so i am taking the time to share my reactions.. What impresses me most is that you replied so quickly..Do you need more specificity? CJT

    1. We did know what questions were to be asked, but we had a lot of questions and only a couple were chosen. The only one that I didn’t expect was the very last one, but that wasn’t a big deal. I would certainly hope that David (the futurist) would be better at this than I. He does this day after day and has been doing it for years. While I’ve given speeches before, this is my first panel discussion where I’ve been on the panel. I have another one in May and another in June, so I’ll get some good practice, that’s for sure.

      As for my hesitancy, I didn’t think that I hesitated much at all except for the last question. And I’m not sure what you mean by filler, exactly.

      I certainly do understand your point about having something fun and memorable. Thanks for taking the time to watch the whole thing.

  5. filler: Lots of audible sound ( “um, ah, you know” ) to connect sentences.. The priority is having some focused forethought about content. If you told me i were having to speak about the future of DIA, i would be sure to have a definite personal impression of the airport or something that happened at the airport that might be instructive. Even if on your prior visits were seamless, that could be instructive. You are a very able writer; I am writing merely to encourage you for any speaking assignment. For you and the Airbus guy, the answers and demeanor were too casual and off-the-cuff. If you have the attention of a huge room full of people, you owe them.

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