Cranky on the Web (September 28 – October 2)

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How Much Rest Should Pilots Get?BNET
Pilot rest rules are being discussed at a fever pitch now. See what the sides are saying.

Talking to IHG’s VP of Loyalty Programs on the Psychology of Point RedemptionBNET
I spoke with IHG’s loyalty guy about their new Flights Anywhere program and ended up digging in to the psychology of point redemption.

Does a Hotel Company Need an Umbrella Brand?BNET
As an aside to our conversation about psychology of point redemption, we touched on the subject of whether an umbrella brand for hotels even matters.

Fly from Rockford and Shreveport to BransonBNET
Rockford is always coming up with some hare-brained scheme, but this is one I actually kind of like.

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